Ten Good Reasons Not To Walk.

Walking and exercise
have been severely neglected this summer for me. 

Who am I kidding?  
So has 
Yard Work
Flower Beds

It's September,
kids are back in school, 
I am hopefully getting back in a routine.
So this morning was to be the morning....

1. I didn't sleep well.
2. It's hot.
3. It's muggy
4. I need to clean for the cleaning lady to come today.
5. I need to do something with the front door
that is on sawhorses on the front porch.
(more on that later)
6. I should do some laundry.
7. Porches need cleaned before company arrives this week.
8. I have no walking clothes that are not paint stained. 
9. My walking shoes are wore out. 
The Big One...
10.   I just wanted to sip coffee and doodle!  

But I walked. 

I still have the headache, 
the front door is still on the front porch and not on the hinges,
the flowers still need care, 
the porches are still dirty, 
the house still needs straightened
I certainly was not the picture of fashion,
my body thanks me...
I think! 


Laurie said…
Hey I could have written this post Cathy! I have been in the same boat all summer, and here it is September already. Pretty much the same list of to do's here, and today I started walking. Hopefully the weather holds for a while and I can get caught up!!