WArm up America...and a free day!

First of all, these are squares that I have been making for Warm-Up America. They have to be 7 by 9 square of whatever pattern that you want to make, knit or crochet. They are so quick and use up those little wee scraps of yarn that you have. Check out your local JoAnns or Michaels for a place to drop them off. They take them and make afghan blankets and donate them to homeless shelters, women's shelters and so on. A worthy project that uses what you have laying around and it is a great place to try new stitches and patterns. I have an entire free day today. A friend and I are making a trip to JoAnns this morning but other than that I have the entire day open. It is like looking at a blank canvas and trying to decide what you are going to paint on it. I have ideas but don't want to waste one minute of it! My canvas today is going to look like a collage, I think, a little bit of everything. I plan to catch up on all of your wonderful blogs that I have missed this week, mostly working extra hours so that I could have this day off. I want to paint a little, maybe do a few ATC'c, darn that new addiction, a little bit of cleaning and laundry and put my deck back in order from the staining (money well spent...the guy that did it was amazing, no runs, no spills, my flowers are all still intact, and it looks PERFECT AND I HAVE THE DAY OFF!). I have wool that needs cut up, a pillow top that I have started, a bunch of stuff that needs sprayed (if it quits raining) and after just one more cup of coffee, I may get to some of that.
But first, what are all my blog friends doing?


pammyjo said…
Enjoy, enjoy. I had a blank canvas yesterday, and shared it with friends on a road/shopping trip. We went to three area towns for new patterns and ideas. Prims and an Italian lunch out under colorful umbrellas in an enclosed huge tuscan inspired patio garden. We had so much fun. Before we left Kalona we had to get our fix of Amish fresh baked goods. We didn't really find a lot of new anything out there. While totally fun, as far as finding something you wanted to run home and make ... not! Well, I hope you end up loving your day. Happy 4th of July weekend.:) P
cwa said…
Thanks for posting the information on Warm Up America. It sounds like a great project to be involved with. Now I wish I knew how to knit or crochet so I could help out. Blessings to all of you who are taking the time to help others.