The tables are DONE!!!!

What a relief and what a night's sleep! One big thing off my list. I don't mind projects at home or at work as much as ones that I have to go somewhere else to do. No bathroom, no kitchen, no music or tv, how can you work under such adverse conditions? Fifteen of them, FIFTEEN! I left last night with the thought in my mind that I would stay until they were finished. When a big storm blew up and the power flickered and went off, I thought it was over for the night, but the power returned and at 10:30 they were done, paints and tools hauled home and out of my car for the first time in two weeks.

On Sunday we went to a corn roast/polka festival at a local farm market. They are customers of ours and we had made the shirts for the event. If you are in this area, you have to visit Yarnick's Farms near Indiana, PA. They have the BEST produce anywhere. I bought the sweetest cantaloupes that I have ever eaten!

They even have a pick your own flower field. The flowers are .25 a stem, what a great way to have a beautiful bouquet. My flowers are not so great this year, but these were so pretty. I did not get any Sunday, but while I was waiting on John to come back, I snapped these pics.

I really have to grow sunflowers next year.


Char said…
YOU GO GIRL WITH YOUR BADD SELF! really have talent when it comes to that paint brush!...I know first hand from some of the swap goodies I recieved from you!, I know those table are just Bee-u-tee-full!
Those tables are beautiful, you are so talented! Michael went to IUP and I used to love going up there:)
I love sunflowers too!
Lynn said…
They are beautiful, I knew they would be. Get some sleep and enjoy!!! "REST A LITTLE"