Production Halted!

The following pictures will explain the halt in production at the shop yesterday. I had Kendall for the day, not realizing that Jenn was going to have the boys there also. These are the scenes from my office yesterday.
Tyler decided to try out this baby chair, after all, it was his originally. Logan and Tyler completely took over one of the desks and computer stations after telling Nana to "GET UP" because he wanted in there.
Grampa finally gave up and just played ball.

This is me, still trying to get some order in the place.

Tyler decided to hide in the extra shirt cabinet.

Kendall got her first experience in the walker. I think that she liked it.

I did manage to finish this baby gift last night. I had ran out of yarn at one point and could not find it locally, had to call my Mom in Ohio to go and find it and mail it to me. The shower is Saturday, time to spare actually!

I still do not have my computer printer issues resolved. They are completely frustrating me to the point that I really think that the printer and software are going to be returned today. On that note, John and I are leaving for New Orleans on Wednesday. Neither of us have ever been there and we would love suggestions of what to see and do when we are there. We will be attending a trade show on Thursday and Friday, have Saturday all day and Sunday Am open to look around. Any suggestions?


I just don't see why production came to a halt!!! LOL! Have a great trip.
Amber said…
Oh goodness! Looks like you had a hectic day!

Hey, have fun in New Orleans!
Lesley said…
I think it is great you can have the grandbabies so close. You and John seem to take it all in stride!!! Have fun in New Orleans.
Grandma Nina said…
I can so relate. We also have our own business in our home and when the grandchildren are here we just have to give up the work as the house is too hectic to get any work done. I think we're living the same life. I'm also in PA and my grandson's name is Logan.