Christmas in January!!

Wednesday night I came home to the biggest surprise!
On my kitchen counter was the biggest box, all wrapped up in Christmas paper. It was on the porch, left by the mailman. To the credit of the USPS, the paper was not even ripped.
sent these treasures to me!
I just kept unwrapping and unwrapping.
JWS kept saying,
"Why did she send you all this stuff?"
"A tavern board?"
"You got the better end of this deal!"
(Clearly he puts no value at all on my painting.)
But he was right about the better end of this deal.
Patti wanted the tavern board that I painted for this tutorial.
Always willing to barter and trade, I asked her to just do a swap with me for it.
That was quite a swap!
I love everything! Haven't found places for it all, other than some of the tarts went immediately into the tart burner.
They smell so good!
Since I have no intentions of undecorating just yet,
(other than the tree)
Everything is going to get place lovingly around the house.
The project for today (after work) is to take down all the Christmas decorations at the church.
Since we managed to tear apart some of the arrangements that I used to use for January in our zeal to make everything look nice for Christmas,
I had to make new arrangements for January.
Long story of daughter waking up late,
running to pick up Kendall at 7:00 AM,
approaching snowstorm,
no time to get to Pittsburgh to the wholesaler,
Well, it is just too confusing to relate it all.
I ended up at Walmart to get flowers.
Believe me, that is not my favorite place to get florals and supplies,
along with an 18 month old to help me shop for them.

They are made and the good floral eye that he has, JWS said that the one looks sort of

Japanese looking.

Good eye!

Should we perhaps check his testosterone levels?


Debbie said…
What a wonderful swap! Everything looks so nice. :)
ohiofarmgirl said…
What a great surprise!! The arrangements are a breath of fresh everyone loved them. Dianntha
WOW! What a great swap!!!!! Those are some special treasures she sent!

Carmen and the Primcats
Terrific Swap, some real goodies in it! I bet you just loved coming home to it opening up a Christmas Present in January!
enjoy the day
So glad you like the goodies, Cathy...I can't believe how quick it arrived. I was wondering if the snowman paper would be all torn...glad it wasn't...My snowman tavern board is to die for!! You amaze me!! Thank you. Just returning the favor for your generosity in winning your giveaway and for the awesome wool that I haven't used yet..but will :)
Hi Cathy: Let me know if my first comment went through...if not, I will repost it.
Love all your swap goodies! Your floral arrangements are beautiful :0)
LibbiesHome said…
What and awesome package! Everyone is going to want to swap with Patti! But I believe your painting deserves something really spectacular like this in return, for sure. :)
Fantastic swap items and I'd say you both got the best deal...who wouldn't want one of your paintings...
Hi Cathy
I agree with Karen - you both got 'best deals' - how wonderful!
Hey - I was one of the winners of your last giveaway and your friend Donna just sent me one of her amazing grubby candles, but I can't recall her blog name so I can thank her. Can you direct me please?
Thanks so much!