Hoarding at it's finest and Can't commodes be any deeper?

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The first picture is of a chicken feeder given to me by a friend.
Actually three of them,
but who's counting, right?
JWS, that's who.
Although he liked this creation...
now what to do with the other two.
Hoard them, right?

And these.
Digging through...no wait, cleaning up junk at the fairgrounds,
the other night,
I ran into this stash of light bulbs.
I just knew I could do something with them.
Brought them home and washed them up.
I think that I have heard similar stories on that Hoarders show.
Right before JWS looks across the room and raises his eyebrows and says.
"You are really just one bump on the head,
just one minor life crisis
from being one of these people."
If anyone has some wonderful idea for these,
please tell me,
it will keep the tv cameras away.

And now...
Misadventures with Urine.
Why can't commodes be any deeper?
My mom was in the hospital this week.
It prompted a flying trip to Youngstown.
Ninety miles away.
She was dehydrated.
She had the worst roommate EVER.
Here is how the roommate behaved.
She burped.
No wait.
Here is how 48 hours went.
Change the channel on theTV.
Turn up the volume,
"I need a priest"
Push the button for the nurse.
Yell at my dad and I to get her something.
Repeat from
My poor mother had no rest.
A complaint to the RN landed on deaf ears.
And now back to the urine issue.
and maybe you can relate. 
I go to the public bathroom.
I don't think it is right to use the bathroom in a patient's room
I use the commode and I go to wipe.
 My entire hand is in the commode.
How high is that water actually?
My pants are at my knees
I can't pull them up with one hand.
I hobble and jump with my pants at my knees to the sink
to wash my hand.
Because I really don't want to pull up my pants with peed hands.
What a sight! 
Can anyone relate?
Am I the only one that this has happened to?


Teresa said…
Once again you have made my day. Can't say I have experienced your bathroom drama.
You could make raindeer with the red ones may snowman buttons with the rest.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Sheila said…
Girl, I wish I could come up with something quick before the camera crew arrives! LMBO If they weren't glass I could see them tucked into an evergreen wreath! (don't try it-something may happen)
Sorry to hear your mom isn't doing well. Will keep her in my prayers.
AND unfortunately yes, I have had a similar situation in a public restroom!
Can't believe I just admitted to it.
Hope tomorrow is better.
Catherine said…
Oh my goodness! Your poor mother! I do hope she is feeling better - or at least has had some relief from her roommate.

As for the toilet thing....nope, can't say that I've had that happen, but I can so picture it and feel for you!!

Those bulbs are cool! How about some type of display at Christmas in a glass container - maybe with some old ornaments mixed in. Could make a cute centerpiece!
Holy Moly, what a predicament! If the light bulbs are the little ones, you can tie a ribbon on the screw part and glue a pin back on the back. You can position them up or down and then put the ribbon on to wear as a pin on your coat for Christmas. I did a lot of these and gave them out at the nursing home for the residents and staff.

Bear Hugs~Karen
Okay Cath....I just busted out laughing at the vision of you doing just that! You kill me!
Wow, I feel sorry for your Mom...what a room mate!?!! Some people (pts) are just unbelieveable...and trust me I've seen all kinds!
patti :)
Laurie said…
Ummmmm....I'm sorry to say, I've never had that happen Cathy, and by the sounds of it I hope I never do!! But thank-you for sharing...I think?
Sorry never peed on my hand like that.
But once when I was in a porta potty in the dark I peed on my pants! LOL
With the lightbulbs I seen once where copper wire was twisted around them to look like a bee the bulb was the body I believe it was a plant poke. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Have a great weekend!
Prim Blessings
TheCrankyCrow said…
Oh my heck...We ARE soul sisters!!! I knew it!! You have me beat though...I only have TWO chicken feeders...one I use for planting flowers in (as you have done) and the other is stored for Christmas greens and lights... (hey - don't want to have to clean out the dirt and stuff to put greens in it...) IF I had a third, I'd use it for some drieds and pukka pods and such in the fall...(A girl can never have to many chicken feeders!) And...yup - I have bulbs like that! I display (some of) mine in my apothecary jar on my mantle at Christmas, and others (oooo...do I have too many??? Nah!) in a little wooden bowl....Pshah JWS!! As for the "commode issue..." I refuse to comment on the basis of self-incrimination....But, as I said, we ARE soul sisters...! ;o) (Hey, can I stop following and then become a new follower to increase my chances of winning one of your wonderful giveaways??? Just thinking out loud here!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
TheCrankyCrow said…
PS - Seriously, hope your mom is ok...Prayers and Hugs ~ Robin
jennifer768 said…
Your poor mother! Thanks for the chuckle!Hugs,Jen
acorn hollow said…
Well your poor mom. Most of the hospitals here are private rooms of course we are in a very small area.
no can't say I have had that happen in a public rest room yikes. but you made it sound funny.
I would google crafts with christmas lights.

Dale Ann Hine said…
Cathy, Once again you have made my day and I can relate to your bathroom experience while I was in Honduras on a Mission trip I had an experience similar to this while at a waterfall site....I came out of a nice bathroom with toilet paper hanging from my knickers that I had on and the lady there said something in Spanish to me however I had no idea what she was talking about so I continued on down through the crowd till I met up with our group. Talk about wanting to crawl in a hole! Love the light bulbs... Dale Ann
oh this post made my day... not the part of your mom being sick..(I hope she is better soon and out of that room with Burp lady)but the story as a whole is priceless
Have a Fabulous Friday
Balisha said…
I have a potty story...I was at our town summer festival..had to go potty...went in the port a pot and shut the door. This port a pot was near the beer tent (wouldn't you know). My door hadn't latched securely and it swung open and there I sat. I saw the drinking crowd all looking at me and some cheering me on. I just got up and waved to the crowd and went on my way.
Oh my word, you are too funny! I needed a good laugh this morning, Thank You!
Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she is feeling better soon!
Can't wait to see what you do with the bulbs.
Firecracker Kid said…
Oh my gosh, I'm sorry for your mother. The shallow pot, no, haven't had that happen, but it was always a fear. What I have had happen though I can't divulge here... lol.
Use those old lights to make Christmas banners?
Well wishes for your momma.
Lesley said…
Cathy so sorry to hear your mother is ill. I hope that she is back home and in a better environment soon.
Now my question to you is why were you using a commode? Was there no public washrooms on the floor? usually by the nurses station. I would hate to think how many peeps have used that commode and they aren't always the cleanest. Yikes....
Anyways I think we all have hoarder issues, ask JWS how many tools and nails and screw drivers and how many of each does he need? That might quiet him for a bit. LOL