Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's go shopping!

On my way home from town today,
I decided to take pictures of the local shop signs along the way.
For those of you who might be local reading this,
they loaded backwards,
so this would actually be on my way to town.
right here you can buy your veggies.

Nite Crawlers
Pine and Hemlock
(The spell checker should love this post!)

And lots of furniture signs.

Some goodies,
but only two days a week.

A lovely picnic area to enjoy them.

More furniture,
more firewood,
if you look close in the mirror,
me taking the picture.

More furniture and cabinets.

And a peaceful windmill scene.

Too lazy to get out of the car for this one.

How about the little frame on this one?

And RED on this sign,
completely against Amish rules.

Is Bandsawed a word in Dutch?
It is used a lot.

How about the apostrophe on this?
Wonder what the quilts own?

And this one, a little different is doing gutters.

His and hers.
Furniture AND Baked goods.

Love this canvas one. 
It is actually painted on a piece of canvas.
And another rebel.
Blue and White.

They were having church at this house. 
This one must have been late because he was not parked with the rest of them.
looking for a fast getaway.

Talk about overkill on the sign post!

Thanks for coming along on my shopping run.
Anyone need any rustic furniture?
C'mon over! 

MORE Entertainment & Skinny Dipping Amish

Friends called last night and invited us on a ride.
Perfect timing.
There has been considerable talk in our house lately
trading at least one Harley for one of these.

They have two, so it was a perfect chance to see if we would like it.
What fun! 
As for me, my decision is made.
Sell the bike(s)!

At one point we came across a horse and buggy in the woods,
and when we dropped down to the creek...
Skinny dipping Amish!
Clothes in the foreground,
See his head sticking out of the water?

Great scenery everywhere.
Who know that there were that many trails around?
I have heard of this waterfall, but have never been there.

It had been years since I had been to the
Goodville Bridge.
When the kids were younger,
I remember hiking out there and walking out on the top of it. 
I didn't like that height then
and don't think I would do it again.

It was a fun evening, we rode to the local watering hole
and had wings,
then rode some more after dark.
Great fun!

And for those of you that have questioned the
Amish Dogs...
They are a mixed breed dog with Blue Heeler in them.
I was informed by the owner of the Amish dogs that
I mentioned before that
THEIR so called Amish Dogs
were purebred Blue Heelers
and that the Amish ones were not.
All look the same to me.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

All sorts of new entertainment

Just yesterday, I was lamenting to JWS
that I don't know where summer has gone.
We have been busy at work
we have worked some long days
Regretting that we have not been to the zoo,
an amusement park,
not ridden our motorcycles,

I was looking at the cup half empty.
It has been a bit of a rough time lately in several areas,
all uncontrollable factors at this point in our lives.

And then he pointed out...
a different kind of entertainment.
We have been to these.

Horse races at the fairgrounds next door.

Grandchildren and simple entertainment.
Kendall was totally entertained playing in the sink while I cooked supper.

The boys at work....
have found ALL the settings on my phone camera.
(Hence the black and whites at the top of this post, but I kind of liked those!)

And golf ball/tee bowling.
Papa built them the lane for it and they have had tons of fun with that.

And county fairs.
As a fair manager, JWS, with me in tow,
now has full access to any county fair.
What a great perk.
Last night was the Clarion County Fair.
I loved how they displayed their
Best of Show.

A suggestion I will be bringing back to our fair.

And this...
A bit of a redneck sport.
But it actually wasn't a bad evening.
There have been a few times that I have questioned life's direction this summer.
Two gun raffles,
that would/could/should be my quota for life.
And now there will be
Two tractor pulls this summer.
Another quota met.
A lot of work at the fairgrounds,
but new friends made,
and close to home

And lastly,
the boys found some entertainment in clothespins the other day.
Simple pleasures!

Today I am the DD for the day.
Dialysis Driver
as we have come to call it.
I will drop the patient
and then
spend the day with my two favorite little girls in the world.
Gracelyn and Kendall.
that adorable little
Baby Garren.

Just a different kind of entertainment this year.

Time to look a the cup half full!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Window Nazi

So I have decided that I live with
The Window Nazi.
I love open windows.
I see...
Curtains blowing in the breeze.
Summer Smells.
Fresh Air.
The Window Nazi.
He sees...

So we have a difference of opinions.

Summer has been rough this year.
To say the least.
Air conditioning units that are loud,
and that cause my chest and head to clog up.

I have spent nights in the spare bedroom,
ceiling fan running,
windows open,
trying to breathe.

So today...
he is not at work.
For those of you that don't know...
we work together.
he was not going to be there,
I took the opportunity to open everything up
and get
No problem,
I'll close it all up long before he gets back and he'll never know.
I got busy and forgot.
Apparently a big oops in the life of
The Window Nazi.
He complained,
he whined.
He was not happy.
He had a mean look on his face.
Then he attacked.
He told me again that I am scatterbrained.
How could I not remember to close the windows and turn on the air?
Maybe the busy day,
lots of phone calls and customers.
He says,
"Did you realize there was an issue when you started sweating?"

(Well, actually that was EXACTLY when I realized there was an issue,
but he had walked in the door by that time)

Then the
You see,
you just do a few "dumb" things
in life and it sticks with you forever.

Let's see...
Fill a vehicle up with diesel fuel by mistake.
Run over the bathtub and call the fire company thinking all your pipes have broke.
Just a couple of the classics.
You get labeled forever.

I just get a lot on my mind.

The Window Nazi
has been doing some dumb things.
He is getting too much on his plate.
Extra responsibilities,
Oh, it shows!
His normally pristine truck looks like a hoarder owns it.
He has started forgetting things.
And then tonight.
After the
I come home from work at 7:00 PM
He cooked at 4:00 PM.
And I found this.....

He never turned the burner off!

How pathetic is it that I did not even think of the danger,
just the
of it all.
As my friend Tina would (and did)

Now who is

I think our kids might already have our home picked out.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer projects

Sorry to disappoint all of you, but today is not a coffee snorting kind of story.
Just some stuff that I dug out of my sewing room,
I started these stockings last fall at our ladies sewing weekend.

And this pillow...started at the same time.

These little barrettes stay in a container and I dig them out and work on them every now and then.

And a little bit of knitting in between. 
Lightweight yarn that is not too hot to work on in the heat.

On a good note, it finally cooled off a little here and we had some rain.
Amazing how quick everything greened up again.

Monday, July 25, 2011

How symbolic is this?

The Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

Uneventful weekend?

In case that you thought my weekend was going to be
peaceful and uneventful...

We woke up to this on Sunday morning.

It had been close to 40 years since I had be toilet papered.

Can't wait to tell my mom.
She used to laugh when it happened.
And laughed while I cleaned it up the next morning.
At least they didn't disturb my freshly primed items that I left outside all night.

Or my not so healthy landscaping.
But they sure must have had fun.
The scary part is, I heard NOTHING.
JWS loves the air conditioning.
not a huge fan.
I was sleeping in another bedroom with the windows open.
How did I miss that?

It is getting ready to storm here.
Thank goodness.
We really need the rain.

What do I have to look forward to?
Today is boob smashing day!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

And the winners are....

1st Prize
Robin @ The Cranky Crow!
She has to be the luckiest person around!  She keeps winning giveaways!  I was so surprised when her number came up!  Congrats Robin!  You pick first!

2nd Prize

Jody @ Primgals Primitive Palette!  Jody is a wonderful painter, not sure why she would want anything of mine, she does absolutely perfect detailed paintings!  Jody, you need to make a first and second choice when you email me.

New Followers Winner

Linda from Parker's Paradise.  Imagine my surprise while reading her blog that she is the mother of Sara, whose journey of adopting and raising beautiful little Mya I have followed for the last few years.  Even the blog world is a small one!   Linda, you will need to make three choices when you email me! 

Thanks everyone for entering.  I am still trying to visit each and every one of you.  My blog reading has fallen way behind the last few months.  I appreciate all the comments even if I don't alway respond to them.  I read them at work and publish them there...shhhhh!

Giveaway items!

Final sign-up this evening.
These are the items for the giveaway.
There will be a first, second and a new follower prize.
Here is how it is going to work....
I had to really think about this.
When I announce the first winner,
that person will have first choice.
The second place, will have to let me know their first and second choice, 
in the event that their first choice is taken.
and the new follower prize winner
will have to give me a first, second and third choice of their prize.
There is still time to sign up.
Scroll on down to the 500th POST giveaway and sign up!

It is going to take me awhile to get the entry list made and numbered.

Of course, these are just the MAIN prizes.
I will fill the boxes with other goodies also.

And remember, this washboard is painted with snowmen on the back.

So go on down and enter for your chance to win.
Drawing at....let's say 9:00 tonight EST!