My Painting Ladies

Not PaintED Ladies,
PaintING Ladies.
Although we have all be known to have a little paint on us.
Many years ago,
I happened on a small Yahoo group.
Long before Facebook or blogs
or anything like that.
It had to be serendipity,
you know fate,
stars colliding,
divine destination.
Something like that, or maybe just a magical push of a keyboard button.
Most of them were already there.
They welcomed me in,
We shared our painting,
our crafts,
then later,
our families,
our troubles,
our happy moments,
our rapidly growing families.
Well Patti, Kathy and I at least.
We became friends.
We "talked" daily.
We never met, yet these wonderful ladies
shared my life daily.
For TWO years!
And then we met face to face in
September of 2007
in Canada.
All except Patti.
It was as if we had known each other all of our lives.
A fun-filled weekend with plans to do it again,
we met again in late April of 2009.
Here, at my house.
Minus Marie this time.
It was another fun time.
We ate, we shopped,
we even made all the favors and gifts for my daughter's baby shower.
I could go on.
I am going to show you the ornaments that I received from some of them.
Maybe some of you already know them.
from Manitoba,
sent this.
Kathy has
She has been busy,
New baby on the way.
Lots of work.
She hasn't posted in awhile.

Lesley from Ontario
sent these to me

She does such great work!

from Maine,
the newest Blogger among us.
Click on over there and welcome her. 
She does great painting!
You will love it!

over at
has a terrific blog. 
She does wonderful painting
Check her out! 
You won't be disappointed.

Linda, is from Quebec.
She does the most amazing work!
and Painting
and Clay,
she must have the largest plate collection in the world.
She is going to make mosiacs with them one day.
I think she has enough to pave the roads in Montreal.
Linda and Sylvain came to visit me one fall.
I cannot find those pics anywhere though.
We had a great visit with them!

Patti lives in Wisconsin.
In June of 2010,
Shawnee and I traveled there for a convention that she was attending.
We had the best time.
Mike and Patti were just the best hosts ever.
And I loved Milwaukee.
It was really nice to meet all of Patti's family.
They are so much like mine!
Patti also paints,
a lot!
She does quite a few shows and
the production she shows us
is nothing short of
Super Human!

So there you have my painting ladies.
We are trying to plan another get together for June in Maine.
I am hoping that it all works out!


Ann said…
Cathy, I don't paint - but I want to join your group! Actually I belong to a very similar basket group with members from all over Ohio. We have a great time when we gather once a year to weave for the weekend. It's so neat how perfect strangers can come together with a common interest and become fast friends. ~Ann
Angie Berry said…
How fun to have started a group so long ago and you still get together and are friends! You received some adorable ornaments, very talented ladies!
acorn hollow said…
What fun you are getting together.
You are all from so many diffrent places too. The ornaments are wonderful.
Patti said…
What wonderful memories and inspiration we have shared over the years and thank you and Shawnee for letting Mike and I share our city with you. We loved every minute of it. Here's to many more years.
Catherine said…
Sounds like fun times! And, such pretty painted things!
Morning Cathy,
What a sweet post...and I too have found that 'some' of the nicest friendships are formed BEFORE we actually meet the get a TRUER (I know that's not a word...) feeling about them.
Some of my best friends are from cyber space - some I have met and had fun with, some just chatting...they are all so nice.

Now I clicked on your link to the Milwaukee post...I live 35 miles outside of that city!!!!

Thanks for sharing your 'friends' with us and their wonderful talent.

Sounds like fun Cathy. And I already am a follower of some of their Blogs. I think it's wonderful that you all became friends before facebook and blogging. I live about 2 hrs away from Milwaukee. I Love the goodies you recieved from them. Talented ladies. Thanks for sharing with us.
What great friends and memories. How fun! The ornaments are adorable. I know Marie from blogging. I loooove her painting!!!

The "Patti" from Rochester :)
Our little group is the best! We have the best time when we get together! Going to Canada and Pa have great memories! FIngers are crossed that we can get together here in Maine!
jennifer768 said…
Sounds like a wonderful and fun bunch of gals!Love the ornies that you were blessed with by your friends.Such wonderful talent!Hugs,Jen
Barb said…
Hi Cathy,
How fun!! I had a group and we use to paint together every Tuesday night. Then one moved to Florida, one moved to Iowa, then I moved to Utah. So we try to get together in Nevada every year at convention time.
So much fun!!
Loved hearing about your groupies!
Enjoy your day,
Cathy, you are all so talented and to be able to get together like that is awesome!

Also CONGRATS on being a Grandma, you don't look like you are going to become a Grandma!

To make favors for the baby shower is just wonderful and something your daughter I am sure will hold dear to her heart.

Prim Blessings,
Laurie said…
How special Cathy, I love how the internet and blogging can bring people together from all over, and new friends are created for life. Can anything be more special!? Love the ornaments!
Lesley said…
We sure have had a lot of fun and laughs and shared good and bad moments haven't we Cathy? Even dead flies in hotel rooms not to mention our suitcases when we got home. LOL
I hope it all comes together this summer.
I am so happy we were able to stay connected over the years. You gals are the best.
Lesley :)
Marie said…
Our painting group is the best! I am so happy to have gotten to know you all and that we are still together after all these years. I love you all ♥
TheCrankyCrow said…
Looks like - and sounds like - a fun bunch of talent....(But am I reading too much into that "Zoo" sign in the photo????) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin