Full of Links

project is finally done!
JWS and I are heading to Pittsburgh today.
Dropping this off at
is on our list for the day.

So is the
for an open house and fair food.
JWS wants to eat Pho
which I always thought the word would look like
(glad I saw this prior to perusing the menu)
Of course there will be a stop at
No trip to Pittsburgh is complete without
a slide through there
to check if there is anything I can't live without.
we will see where the rest of the day leads us.
It is mini-day-vacation of sorts.
I have this order done!
For the pattern,

No link here,
I just can't believe that after all these years with no
house plants,
I finally have one
it is blooming.
Who would have thought?

Trying to work on my selling blog.
This stuff is piling up,
which I guess is good
so I have inventory for the open house,
But this is for sale now.

Ok, no more links.
What a great week with friends.
I rode with a friend to see another friend
that is having some health issues.
Please keep Kim in your prayers,
she is fighting,
she has kept her sense of humor intact.
Strength that I don't think I would have had
in that situation.
Funny story of that day.
We take gifts in the room and
Kim is sleeping.
We set the gifts down and wait in the cafeteria.
We eat lunch..gift totally forgotten.
Kim relates the owl nightmares that she is having,
and still I don't think.
We finally go back to her room
where she opens the gifts....
Wool Owl, Owl on a towel....
Note to self....just take flowers!
Tuesday night I came home to find two
of the cutest little children in the world
visiting me with their mother.
Love those unexpected visits!
was a nice night
painting with friends.
really enjoyed hanging out and painting.
We are hoping to do that more often!
Hope that everyone has a great weekend!
I hear that we might break over the 40 degree mark!
Never thought I would be thankful for that!


Amber said…
Those owls are adorable.
Your knit the bridge project is pretty. Have fun on your day off and have a great weekend too.

Amy said…
Have a wonderful get away.
Ann said…
I have never heard of Pho before. That construction junction looks like a fun stop.
Funny story about the owls, I think I would stick with flowers next time too....lol
Laurie said…
Love the owls, but of course that would happen to you! Poor Kim! I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
annie said…
love the owls and the bridge!
Danice said…
Knit the bridge is really pretty. Also love the little owls :)
You have so many great ideas! I'm putting your blog in my list of favs! I don't want to miss anything! Happy Spring!