Thursday, January 31, 2013

Striving for Normal

Striving for OUR Normal.
Whatever that might be.
The last few months have not been normal.
Well, actually the last few years have not been normal,
we came to think of them as "our" normal.
January was wild,
out of control,
not normal at all.
JWS made the comment,
"What if this is the NEW normal?"
It can't be!!!
I need some calm in my life. 
Our son-in-law, Travis
gave us prophetic words that we re quote often,
we just embellish them a little.
He had just purchased his first house
I thought that the garage was  
incredibly spotless and pristine.
I remember saying to him,
"Well at least you shouldn't have to clean the garage."
He said,
"Well, every body's clean is different."
To paraphrase that to our life,
"Well every body's normal is different."
in an effort to make things back to our normal,
I set my alarm for five
and planned on walking.
Extremely high winds prevented that this morning.
I took JWS his coffee in bed at 6:30.
All things that have not happened here in several months.

And so this morning,
I basecoated.
I haven't even picked up a paintbrush
for the entire month of January.
Time to get back to normal.
So all that being said,
I am going to tell you about yesterday.
I had Kendall.
I love that little girl,
she is so good,
she listens,
she behaves,
she sleeps good,
she is three
I am 54
and while she doesn't tire me out
as much as some of the other grandchildren,
I am talking
constant chatter
not just
"nod your head and say uh huh"
that require an answer "
Anyway, I get the call to take her home.
I leave her at work,
because Logan is just arriving on the bus
and I know that they will want to talk.
I drive my car home
to gather her belongings.
The car that has been smelling hot
and making funny noises
for the last three
non-normal months.
The car that I have mentioned to JWS
might have an issue.
The noise and smell
that JWS
 (and a lot of other people)
just roll their eyes
and attribute to my driving skills.
I get back to the shop and once again
complain that now the noise
is getting worse.
apparently in some
light bulb,
"Have you checked the oil?"
Why in the world do you even have a husband
if not to
check the oil,
change the furnace filters,
start the weed eater,
drain the water hose for winter,
you get the picture?
Of course I have not checked the oil.
A panicked look at the oil change sticker
tells me that
I am more than slightly overdue
for an oil change.
Well, actually I should have had two oil
changes in that time
and heading rapidly for the third one.
How do you keep track of all this stuff?
I take my car to the service station,
since John has an appointment
and needs his truck,
I borrow my friend's vehicle.
car seat,
various art projects,
winter coat,
all the "stuff"
that everyone gave Kendall
into that vehicle and
head to
Shelby's house.
Kendall is delivered,
I get a little hold time on that
adorable little boy,
head home.
As I am heading home,
I am trying to figure out which side the gas cap is on
on the vehicle.
I might have been a little distracted as I pulled into the
gas station
I drove through
huge pile of wet, messy horse poop
spreading it
with every roll of the tire
in front of the gas pumps.
I get out,
get chastised
by the station attendant
who is holding the shovel
asking if I didn't see him or the horse poop,
which of course I didn't,
realize that I am on the wrong side of the pumps,
pull forward,
out into the street,
in front of another vehicle,
back up into the correct side of the pumps,
further spreading the
above mentioned
horse poop.
All I can say is this,
if the
service station attendant
would keep track of my oil changes,
none of this would have happened.
One more day of January....
I am shooting for

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What a month!

See this face?
That about sums up January for me!
This is Garren's excited face. 
Mine looks the same,
but maybe not for the same emotion.
I always look forward to January.
Slow at work,
lots of days to come home early.
Lots of big projects to complete.
Well, let's just say,
January didn't quite shape up that way. 
I had high hopes of getting lots of stockings finished for next year,
some painting orders done,
some rest.

I got a lot of these done.
Quick and easy.

Instant gratification.

Not a whole lot of thought.

Projects anyway.

Welcomed this new little boy.
Did a little thrift shopping.

Spent some quality time with Kendall
So did Papaw.

A little more thrift shopping....
And even managed to make curtains for Kendall's room.
(Well, Mom made the pinwheels, I just sewed them together)
All in all,
still some projects completed..
most of the Christmas decorations put away,
and now..
on to
Dare I think that I will get those stockings done?

Monday, January 28, 2013

He is Here!

Kamden Dean
7 pounds, 5 ounces
19 1/2 inches long.
Kendall, of course, keeps calling him
Tree Tree.
We haven't got to the bottom of that one yet. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let's go for a ride

we returned dishes,
rode around in the snow.
The top picture is the view across the backyard when we returned home.
A Deer in someone's yard.

An Amish farm,
with laundry on the porch.
Sort of makes one thankful for a dryer.

Another deer.

This is what most of the roads we were on looked like,
but then,
we sort of chose the back roads.
Although, I am not a huge fan of winter,
it was a really pretty day.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Who would have thought?

That this would have helped leg cramps.

That's right, folks,
you never know what you are going to get here. 
I got one of those cramps between my toes
that would just not quit.
Over an hour,
I walked,
trying to get rid of that cramp.
my mother said
that her friend's husband eats a teaspoon of mustard.
But then, it couldn't hurt any more, right?
So I did.
Within less than two minutes,
that cramp was gone.
Read the link above or google it yourself. 
I am going to find those little packets of mustard
keep them
in my purse,
in my car,
on my nightstand.  
Way more essential than
And now on to the funny stories.
Because there are always funny stories.
Tyler now sits in church for part of the service.
He is more than a little active.
Way more.
He is loud
it takes a lot of energy on our part to keep him calm.
He decided to clean out my Bible.
It is full.
I might add that this was our first service back to church
looking at my MIL's empty seat and knowing
she would not be filling it again.
Leave it to Tyler to distract from that
thank goodness!
he finds a picture of JWS and I
from a mission trip in 2005.
He said,
"Gramma, that is not a good picture of you."
I said
Do I look old?
Do I look fat?"
His reply?
And then...
He leaves for
Junior Church.
we sigh with relief,
glad that he is gone
we can actually
continue to worship.
Now we have a huge sanctuary,
with a really long aisle.
At one point,
The door up front
to the right of the pastor,
bursts open.
From our vantage point
in the back
we can see nothing
other than heads turning and laughter starting.
Tyler runs the whole way down the side aisle
holding himself,
nodding to people as he goes,
"I gotta go"
"I gotta go"
"I gotta go"
heading to the bathroom at the back of the sanctuary.
Shawnee and I burst into giggles,
not even as much at the event
as the
horrified look on
Jennifer's face! 
JWS is shaking his head.
I lean over and tell him,
"Perhaps a tour of the
church bathroom facilities
with your grandson
is in order
after the service today."
And then Gracelyn,
begs to come home with me from church.
And she does.
She has a little purple plastic ring on
which she informs me
fell into the toilet
Children's Church.
She had to
"reach into that toilet and dig it out
and get pee
all over my hand
but she washed her hand
her teacher
washed the ring."
if you are reading this....
Thank YOU!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wrist Sweaters

Shawnee has been suggesting these for awhile.
The other day when I told her that I couldn't get into anything,
she suggested these again.
then the
text suggestions
started coming.
Lots of suggestions.
I took some ideas
went on my own.
Other than a YouTube video on broomstick lace.
Well, probably five or six videos
until I found one
that I understood. 

But once I got started....
I just kept going

and going
and going

and even knitted one after I found several of these buckles
in my button stash.
Blurry pics....not sure why...
So football is essentially over at my house,
we aren't hockey fans...
so you would think that we would watch something interesting.
Storage Wars,
Call of the Wild
Duck Dynasty
Two of those I don't mind,
one I leave the room.
This week we had
Every night.
Really expensive cars...
over and over and over.
So glad that is over now also!
Can't wait to work in the yard and mow!
TV just isn't doing it for me!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


The last few days could be described
Wandering to work,
wandering around the house,
wandering through things that need done.
Just wandering.
I find that I can't get interested in anything
long term.
This is the only thing that held my interest
through the last
three weeks...
and it is done.

Have you ever not wanted to finish a project?
I sure didn't want to finish this.
I liked working on it.  
Have to find something else now to keep my interest.
I even tried organizing my knitting needles
crochet hooks.

That took all of a half hour.
I have started a bunch of other projects. 
Maybe I will finish one of those. 
And now,
for the funny story,
Because you knew that there would be at least one.
My MIL would have laughed and laughed.
How I wish that I could tell her...
to watch her laugh.
We had visitation at our church,
that is the way she wanted it.
She had friends,
some a little strange,
but at her age,
many of her "fun" and "normal" friends had passed on before her.
She had this one friend.
A sort of "Lost in Space"
She also had an old dear friend that she had known since
they were little girls
living on the same street
both being raised by single mothers
in a time when that
was not as
or easy as it is today. 
They had a bond.
While they didn't get to see one another that often,
they would talk and laugh on the phone.
These two friends did not know one another.
At the viewing,
Lost in Space friend was coming through the line
spacey as ever.
The old friend was at my daughter
and the spacey friend was at me
in the line,
when the old friend
placed her cane
squarely on
spacey friend's foot and pinned her
Spacey friend is pulling and pulling
on her foot trying to free herself
old friend is
totally oblivious
to the situation
yakking away to Dianna.
Dianna and I, of course are aware
see the hilarity of the entire situation
and can't help
breaking into the giggles. 
Marilyn would have howled!