Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yard Sale/Thrift Shop/Dollar General/Whatever I found in my Stash Bedroom

The bedroom was bugging me,
I was getting company. 

Mom and Dad 
my neice. 

TWO bedrooms were needed. 

What to do...
Search the stash! 

the "headboard"
was found in the garage. 
One of my cupboard door benefactors 
had insisted that I take it. 
I whined that I didn't want it, 
I had no use for it. 
I was told if I didn't take it, 
I could not have the rest. 
So, it has sat, 
in the garage 
for a lot of years. 
The nightstands were a $5 each yard sale find. 

Chalk Paint it all
add the little shelf on top,
complements of JWS
and it was good to go. 

The frame 
cute little wallhangings,
yard sales. 
The quilt, 
a long ago pass on from a friend. 
The shelf unit, 
yard sale find.

Bentwood, caned rocker,
another long ago yard sale 
refinished by me and caned by a very dear friend. 
The painted cupboard in the corner,
painted many years ago 
in a fun filled day with friends. 

one yard sale
a gift from friends. 

So many memories 
so many friends. 

Mom made the blue quilt on the bed,
I made the star quilt in the background
the hexagon one,
an auction purchase. 

Yard sales, gifts, auctions and memories....

one very old cat
from my childhood. 

Gracelyn's favorite book to read at bedtime,
the only thing that I actually 
bought for the room,
two lamps from
Dollar General.

B and B is ready for the summer! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Call before you dig

...or pound.

We have all heard it. 
1-800-ONE CALL
But really, who would have thought you needed it for 
simple garden stake pounding. 

It was the typical day. 
(typical last three weeks days)

More work
Who's delivering? 
What's for lunch?
Did you get this sign done?
That ball team needs their shirts today!
Wait it looks like it is going to rain!
Drive home and get that load of clothes off the line.
Did anyone call that guy and tell him his shirts were done?
Deliver shirts
Hit a yard sale on the way
Load up treasures
What's for lunch?
Phones ringing
More pounding
Lumber Delivery
Who is going for the power trowel? 
Wait, you can finally get to the saw?
Cut sign boards
While the saw is out,
Can I please just have one stake?
(In retrospect, failure to cut this stake would have avoided a lot of problems later)
Is my car fixed yet?
Is Jenn's car fixed yet?
Who is taking the Amish home?
Take one car home, 
Wait for bikes to be removed from my garage slot
Walk back to the service station
Take the other car home
Write a $150 check for gas for all three vehicles
(Have a mild heart attack at that)
Mix up chalk paint
(More on that in another post)
Paint the nightstands in the garage
Watch Logan hit a baseball
Listen to Wyatt tell me a story
Put a coat of paint on the headboard in the bedroom
Oh wait,
JWS is home. 

Take the tools to the spare bedroom, 
screw that board to the top of the headboard,
let's just quickly put that bird sign together 
while you have the screw gun out! 

JWS goes for the pounder thingy
and I hold the stake
we pound it into the ground. 

Stepping back to admire our success, 
the landscape lights turn on as if 
illuminate our handiwork. 

done for the day! 

Until I realize that from the stake on
the landscape lights are not lit! 

Surely, that inch and a half stake did not hit the wire?

If we would have been trying to hit the wire, 
we never would have!

The next hour was spent
laying in the grass
wire strippers
wire nuts

I have to admit,
I could not help 
giggle just a little at the 
absurdity of the day. 


Surprisingly good natured about it all!  

(I think he is taking drugs)

Below is a pic of our new addition at work. 
It is almost done and we hope to start moving into it this week. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

After and Before

A couple of weeks ago 
I bought this bed 
at a yard sale. 

The price was right! 

And now it is finished. 
Of course, it didn't fit like I thought it would in that room
the one wall is shelves
that will hopefully come out at some point.

For now though. 
who really needs in the closet? 


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pinterest, Nailed It

So, for those of you that have been around for awhile, 
you know that I have had a few
Pinterest Gone Bad

Mostly food items. 

But this one....
I think I nailed. 

Garren's birthday present 
but shhhhh, 
don't tell him.  

He doesn't get it until tomorrow.

It started with this...

and the picture below, 
that Shawnee sent to me
as a suggestion. 

JWS was a little disturbed that I got 
the picture 
went and retrieved a table. 

What he did not know 
was that I had four of them to pick from.

This was one...
and the match to it
that I lost the picture of somewhere. 

I keep telling him, 
"You are only a hoarder if you refuse to part with it!" 

My next Pinterest project? 

I am thinking these books.

Now where might I have a stack of bricks?   

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Never Take a Pick-Up Truck for Half and Half

That's all we were going for..

Saturday morning in the frantic preparations for the 
Dayton Fair Gun Raffle, 
half and half. 

You figure it out. 
Saturday morning
Yard Sales
Two Women
One large pick-up truck waiting to be filled

Fill it we did! 

How could you possibly leave these items behind?

But the best piece...

This bed. 

It is already on sawhorses
in the garage
with the first coat of white paint on it! 
My Car
Sitting out in the rain. 

Hey, it needed a bath! 

We did get the half and half.
Regular and Amaretto, 
a dozen doughnuts 
for good measure! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Career Day

Yesterday was Career Day at Preschool.
Kendall went as a princess. 
Who wouldn't want to be a princess?  
She is 4, I am 56.
I still want to be a princess! 

What I am not, 
is a foodie.
Or a
or anything else food related. 

What I have been thrust into, 
kicking and screaming,
a part of preparing
food for 

Not to mention shopping for it.

Have I mentioned that I despise grocery shopping?
JWS loves it. 
But I went along,
because I like the 
Strip District
we had dinner
at one of my favorites places,

Lobster roll! 

Mural in the Strip District

However, while we were eating,
the car sat closed up,
and we had a rotten onion. 
I think that the smell is stuck in my nose! 

And finally,
some organization to my paint shelves.  
Wonder how long that will last? 

And really, 
wouldn't a princess have someone to do all these 
things for her? 

I want a new career! 
Princess Cathy! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Working at Conneaut

Some before and afters of the work Dad and I did today.   It always fun to work and explore this great old park.   Today we were able to work inside the bumper car building.  Nice day, fun projects, great time with Dad!

Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, bubbles on the tubs of fun.