Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some painted stuff.

Just some things that I have finished over the last couple of days.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Gracelyn spent the night on Thursday and she wanted to "stitch".  I gave her the "treasure box" as she calls it and a tapestry needle with crochet cotton and she stitched buttons all evening and part of the next morning.  What a difference between having her and having the boys.  John calls the boys "the Rotties" because he likens having them to having a couple of Rottweillers and her to having a goldfish.  How true!  She is just so calm and easy and she doesn't run faster than we are able.  Which brings me to the sight of John chasing Tyler last week.  Tyler had once again hit Logan in the head with a golf ball.  I can't tell you how many times this has happened this summer and honestly, I swear that the golf balls are like heat seeking missiles to Logan's head.  This last time sent Tyler running with John in hot pursuit. The sight of the the 51 year old grandpa chasing the really fast 5 year old was enough to make me chuckle despite the fact that I had a crying 3 year old in my lap with a goose egg.

A few craft items finished this week.

I hit a few yard sales on Friday morning before work that yielded these items and a bench that I have not taken out of my car yet.
And Saturday was spent at Conjunction Junction where we had the truck completely loaded with goodies.  These were just a few of the items...the suitcases and chair were from a yard sale on the way home.  We even found enough ceramic tile to do the kitchen and bathroom in the new house.

We had company today, my cousins came to visit on the motorcycle and we had lunch and then went on a nice bike ride.  The first of the summer actually.  It was so nice and relaxing to just get out and ride.   My bike, my helmet and my boots all needed dusted and my battery was dead...shameful.  Where did the summer go?

Tomorrow is Tyler's first day of school.  I can't wait to hear the tales.  Hard to believe he is that old!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Elderberry Pie, Chemicals, French Fries and Onions

Otherwise to be entitled the Recap of Fair Week.
One year ago, dear hubby offered to allow the fair to use our house on Saturday for the dinner for the band, a place for the bus driver to sleep and dinner for the fair managers.  You see, each year on Saturday they have a country music singer as the entertainment and every year it poses a problem of where the bus driver can sleep, where the band members can shower and where to serve them dinner.  Our house, which borders the fairgrounds seemed like such a logical solution to HIM, so HE offered.  That was the first time I threatened him with "I know where you sleep"  Usually fair week in years past has my house looking like nothing short of the aftermath of a Category 4 hurricane by Saturday, but this year was going to have to be different.  I cleaned and cleaned and CLEANED and still I felt it was not clean enough, but enough of that and on to the Rain Gutters/Elderberry Pie incident.
The rain gutters on our house and garage were starting the resemble those "green space" roofs that they are trying to promote in cities everywhere.  Maybe they drove by here and saw my gutters and that is where they got the idea.  Seriously though, there were weeds in the the gutters that were three feet high in some places.  I think that my gutters were the only wet spots in the yard.  John is not big on getting his feet off the ground and while I don't mind getting up in the air, I try to take into account my clumsiness and not get that high up in the air.  Having asked our carpenter friend earlier in the summer about cleaning out the gutters and reminding him several times over the summer, I approached him last Monday and asked/demanded that again.  He made some comment about how I should have given him more warning and while I had...I decided to take the NICE approach and not the B*&%$...NOT NICE approach and offer him the elderberry pie that he keeps mentioning.  This is where things turn.  He jumps at the offer and says that he will be there the next day.  Now, I am not a pie baker, I can paint a picture of  a pie, and I can manage a canned fruit pie here or there and even make my own crust but truthfully, they are not that good, so why bother, but my step-daughter makes about the best pie crust I have ever put in my mouth, although mostly she makes them for her FIL, but that is another story for another time
Dear hubby John volunteers at the fair for the entire week and works from 8 am until 11 pm every day, but before he goes there on Wednesday, his job is to go and pick the elderberries.  After all, they are HIS gutters also and HE volunteered the house.  He leaves and gets them with a huge story of tromping through the swamp and getting wet...blah, blah blah, honestly you would have thought he was hunting alligators in the Everglades instead of elderberries in the backyard as much as he complained.  On to Jenn who had never made an elderberry pie.  She gets to work and explains to me that her oven is not working and she is going to make that elderberry pie in my kitchen.  MY KITCHEN!  I thought I was having a heart attack!!!  I had just cleaned and polished and rubbed and buffed and would not even allow John to make toast for breakfast in my kitchen!  That is where my MIL got involved...when I said that since I was taking the boys to the fair that night, she could spend some quality time with her grandmother and make the pie at her house.  Three hours, purple hands, two little boys hopped up on cotton candy and carnival rides later...we had an elderberry pie.  Do I have clean gutters?  Well, the garage gutters were clean, but in the process, the carpenter thought that the tree needed trimmed and now I had a pile of brush that needed cleaned up before Saturday, the gutters on the house still are not cleaned, the elderberry pie was so sour that you had to really douse it with sugar to eat it.  The carpenter got one piece of pie...and the gutters are still not cleaned out.  I know that there is an episode of Seinfield in there somewhere. 
In my haste to clean my painting counter, I tried The Works for toilet bowls and when that wasn't doing anything, I wiped it up and sprayed them with window cleaner...big mistake!  I lost a few brain cells in that one.
Onion car.
Thursday night found me heading to Walmart with a list when the Fair decided that they needed stopwatches for the show that night.  Someone else had already been sent and they bought pedometers?  I left work at 4:30, rushed to Walmart (17 miles away), flew through my list and picked up the stopwatches and back in my car.  Big problem, I had forgot to put the garbage from the house in the dumpster at work and my car, sitting closed up in the parking lot now smelled...mostly of onions, but also of other yucky garbage items. I did make it back to the fairgrounds with the stopwatches before six for the show.
French Fry Car.
Our church mans the fireman's food stand at the fair all day on Friday every year and John and I organize that so we are there from 10 am until midnight.  (that is his day off from volunteering in the office) Saturday AM when I went to get in my car...French Fry Grease was the air freshener of the day.
Onion Car
The caterer that prepared all the food on Saturday kept filling garbage bags and I kept taking them out and throwing them in the back of the truck, which was in the garage with all the brush in it from the Elderberry pie incident and a garbage can full of gutter stuff.  By Sunday morning, my car smelled of onions AGAIN as well as gutter stuff and some other non-descript odors.
Locking me out!
Monday morning when John arrived at the shop, he questioned why the screens were not in place on the windows and I had to admit to how many times I had to crawl in windows because I kept locking myself out...why didn't I use the same window every time?
Fun week?  You bet.  I got to see Kendall ride her first carnival ride.  She loved it!  I got to spend time with all of my babies and visit with people and now I am enjoying a clean home. 
And now more craft items.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Late for the party!

Well I never have signed up for a blog party before and now I know why.  I am late and life just gets in the way sometimes.  It was supposed to be where country people create and I thought, "Well, I have to clean anyway for the  50 or so people that are showing up at my house that week so why not join the party and show a CLEAN area"  Riiighhht!  I neglected to realize how much I had been neglecting my house.   So I didn't make it to the party in time and now my painting room is cluttering up again.  Anyway, this is where I paint.  It is sort of a loft outside our bedroom.  I love the space, small but nicely tucked in. 

And this is the view from the other end  of the space.

And this is where I sew, it is a reclaimed bedroom.  I see those rooms full of cupboards and shelves and counters and I'll be honest, I covet them.  Someday.
And some of the things that I have been painting.  Panic mode has set in.  The Open House is less than two months away.  I have to get working.

You can't see it, but I have gone a little Diamond Dust crazy.  Love that stuff! 
Tomorrow, recap of the fair, my soon to be clogged sink, the elderberry pie/gutter clean out story, Kendall's first carnival ride, how many times did I climb through the window in the shop because I was locked out, and the car that smells like onions and french fries.
Bet you can't wait!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another exhausting week!

Work on this, picnic tables finished, (sorry, forgot the camera for those) work around our house.
Some of this.
Surgery for Shelby,
Lots of work preparing for the fair,
A little bit of Saturday donation work.
OK, the NO PARKING needs taken off and changed.  We are going to let them to that part.  This was our Saturday project.
Very little of this

and this...
And now for next week,
The trim on the garage needs sanded and painted.  I knew that I would not even start it until I had the paint sitting right here.  Hopefully the rain cooperates this week so that I can get it sanded and painted.

Funny story of the week:
How I Flushed Dora.

Thursday found me with Kendall and Gracelyn.  Shelby was still healing from wisdom teeth removal and Shawnee was off to the Buffet concert. 
I finally got both girls down for a nap and decided to put a coat of crackle paint on the bench that I was working on, set the timer for 20 minutes to add the paint and then scrambled to straighten the house and clean up the lunch mess when I heard Gracelyn yell something through the monitor and Kendall cry.  They were both up and Gracelyn is apologizing because she "peed your bed, Mamaw"  I tell her that is OK and we go downstairs.  Kendall is hanging on me, not really wanting to be awake when I try to change Gracelyn and realize that it was way more than pee.   I clean her up and throw her pants and Dora underwear in the commode to rinse them when I hear her say, "I am going to pee in the potty, Mamaw" and I realize that the potty is tore apart which means she is going to pee on the carpet.  I grab her and not thinking, flush the toilet at which point I hear this sucking noise and I grab her little khaki Capri pants right before they go down the toilet and right after Dora goes swirling away.  Let's just say that the commode is not running near as fast as it should and Gracelyn was horrified that I flushed Dora!
Mind you, the bench is still sitting, crackle medium dried up!

Vintage Pillow Tutorial

I am always scouring yard sales, flea markets and estate sales for vintage linens.  The stacks of them that I have stored away, well it just screams hoarder.  It is time to do something with them.
These pillows are quick and easy to do, minimal sewing skills required.    The one on the right is painted, however the other two are made from embroidered table runners. 
Start by picking the best side of the table runner.
If the runner is really thin fabric, stabilize it with some lightweight fusible interfacing pressed to the wrong side of the runner.
Next, fold it in half and decide on the size of your pillow.  They will vary according to the design on them.  Cut the edge 1/2 inch longer than you are going to want the pillow to be.
I keep the other end, hoarder than I am, there will be a use for that someday.
Press under the 1/2 inch.
Fold the runner in half, right sides together and sew just inside the trim, leaving an opening to stuff the pillow.
Stuff and sew up the opening.
Done...how easy is that!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Curb Appeal has begun

A little over a week ago, we started on this.
And now we have this.  Fence down, shrubs and trees trimmed, and it is starting to look better.  Dear hubby and I are falling into bed at night totally exhausted, but well rewarded when we look out the windows of our house and no longer see chain link fence surrounding a jungle.  We will be taking that enclosed porch back to a regular porch and residing the house.  I can picture it in my mind.  I think it is going to look nice!
I needed something new for my dining room table and had picked up this canning jar lifter thingie at a yard sale for fifty cents and my mom had found the tray also for fifty cents.  Berry vine, $11.99 and the little bird and nest for around $6 at the local shop, the rest was just gathered stuff and a quick trip to my MIL's yard this morning yielded the flowers.  Not bad for under $20.

And speaking of nests.  I changed some lights on my porch this morning, have been waiting to do this until I saw no more signs of birds at this nest.  I was surprised when I pulled it down to find these eggs in it.  Do birds just abandon the eggs? 
Kendall is here staying with me, Shelby had her wisdom teeth out yesterday.  It was Kendall's first time to stay anywhere overnight and she has slept now for almost 12 hours.  How hard is this? 
Now to get a shower before she wakes up....why didn't I think of that sooner?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

10 Bad, 10 Good!

Top Ten BAD things.
1. The musical potty chair has something wrong with it and keeps playing over and over.  Annoying?  Yes, but I can't figure out how to get it to stop.
2. The second computer of the year at the shop FRIED!  Frustrating!
3. Shelby has surgery today, wisdom teeth and two others, she is going to feel nasty!
4. This house is a disaster!
5. Boot Camp is almost over!
6. This yard is a disaster.
7. Closing on the house on Friday.
8. There is so much work at the shop that we are barely keeping up.
9. The kids are going to Buffet tomorrow and I am not.
10. Projects everywhere!
Top Ten GOOD things.
1. I got it to stop!
2. Computer back, still won't run the embroidery machine, but we didn't lose any files.
3. I get to spoil Kendall for a few days until Shelby feels better.
4. I would rather clean a disaster than a "clean" house.
5. Boot Camp is almost over.
6. The yard next door is looking better.
7. Closing on the house on Friday.
8. There is so much work at the shop that we are barely keeping up!
9,  I get to keep the two cutest little girls in the world all day tomorrow.
10. Projects everywhere!

Off to boot camp!

Have a great day!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Yesterday morning this was what was facing me.  I know that it was wrong to skip church to work, but there was no other way that I was going to get these done.  Every evening after work brings it's own set of chores and Saturday?  We'll we are not even going to go there other than to mention that the groceries that were missing at our house were never even bought until after 2:00 in the afternoon.  Dear hubby started for the grocery store at 9 and one interruption after another did not let him leave the house until after lunchtime. 
So Sunday it is.  These are at the fairgrounds and they had to be painted before Wednesday. 
I "borrow" dear hubby's IPOD, gather brushes, paints, water, coffee and an apple and off I go.  
When I start the IPOD, what greets me but ABBA!  I love ABBA, but who would have thought that would be on dear hubby's IPOD?  Do his camo-wearing, gun toting, harley riding buddies know that he has ABBA  in his music collection?  Just when I was starting to be a little concerned (after about five songs that I loved) Thunderstruck was next!  Thank goodness!  I was getting a little concerned. 
Anyway, at the rate of about one every 1 to 1 1/2 hours, I finished what you see here in about eight hours of work.  So much for a day of rest.  I still have a bench and two more tables.  I am waiting to hear what the people want on the other two tables.  Geez, they are running out of time! 
Someone else gets the job of varnishing.  I think that she might be getting a little tense also. 
This kid size one would be perfect at my house.

And the rest of them are tributes or advertising.
This plane was a bit of a challenge for me.  Not the work I would have normally put in to a table but this man was really special to me and I actually rode with him in this plane.
Most give me free rein of what to paint.  Of course I like to paint flowers.
This person wanted patriotic AND a campfire. That was a challenge.

I am off to start my final week of boot camp.  Not a huge weight loss, but it has been fun and the days that I go, I seem to have a lot more energy.  They are planning another one, but for the evenings.  I am pretty sure that is NOT going to work for me. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Week Old Hamburger Bun w/ Strawberry Ice Cream Topping

That is what is on my breakfast menu this morning.  You see, we need to grocery shop.  I have clothes that need washed as well as bedding and towels.  I have no laundry soap.  I have no peanut butter, no bread, no paper towels, and no apples!  I really need that daily apple. 
You ask why? (Not the apple, the rest of the stuff)
Maybe it is this:
Better than half of the fence is down and a lot of brush cleared.
Or this:
Wednesday night's concert.  ZZ Top, they were great and as you see, we had pretty good seats also.
Or this:
I still had to get my crafting "fix" in for the week.
This is made from more of those fabric sample books that I have. 
Or perhaps work, or boot camp, or fair preparations, or grand kids, or who knows what else, but one of the inhabitants of this house really needs to go and get groceries. 
Thank goodness that in the middle of the Fence and Brush Clearing Shenanigans last night, my MIL managed to feed us!

Have a great weekend!