Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lots of Wool!

How fun is this Christmas present?
Well, at least for me it was!
Mom was stumped as to what to get me,
She haunts all these quilt shops all the time
and tells me about all the wool that they have.
I told her that I would always take wool.
And this is what she came up with!
Lucky for me,
the shop had a half your age discount that day,
let's just say,
got a pretty good discount!
I have a hard time cutting into "real" wool.
Not so hard when it comes from the thrift shop.
Like this...

Two days before Christmas,
found me sliding through
running my hands along the skirt racks.
Sure love to find a nice wool skirt.
There is so much wool in them,
and they are easy to cut up.
I saw this jacket.
I don't buy jackets,
but this was too good to pass up.

Christmas week,
I made these for each of the girls.
They were in my mind for weeks,
but there was just no time.
They are candle mats,
the candle sits on the bottom.
Well, you get the picture.

Also, the week before Christmas
in a weak moment,
Jenn and I
and these four
headed to Pittsburgh
to see the lights.
Not the ratio of adult to child that I normally like,
but hey,
it's not as if we were getting them out of the car.
They would be strapped down the whole time.
we had nothing for their mouths.
and those two innocent looking ones in the back.
The six year old
and the
two year old.
the whole way home.
That little one is a lot like her mother.
How fun!

A quick Christmas present finished at the last minute. 
Kendall had been with me at the fabric store and wanted this material.  
And a snap purse for Marilyn to fit her checkbook
and stuff.

A hat for Gracelyn
with interchangeable flowers.
Didn't get a pic of those though.

Sunset Christmas evening.
We celebrate our family Christmas on another day
and this year it was Monday.
JWS and I ran to the shop to get the newspaper on Christmas
and this was the sunset.
Certainly doesn't look like December

Friday, December 16, 2011

Where to put the Baby?

Before I get a sermon,
I'll just tell you and confess.
I didn't know where to put the nativity this year.
I know, I know,
all the words of wisdom that could go with that statement.
All the little devotions,
all the repercussions of making that statement,
Hear me out.
1. Six grandchildren ages six and under.
2. The oldest two grandsons that have an affinity for anything that can
be thrown, launched, pitched, batted or kicked.
A manger that could double as a cat box, that JWS made in his younger woodworking days.
Not your ordinary house cat size box,
we are talking nothing short of a small cougar
so heavy that it actually needs a foundation,
get your daily workout
getting it out of the attic
cat box.
And so,
The other morning I had a brainstorm.
Early in the morning.
before JWS actually got a swallow of coffee,
I pitched the idea to him.
And later in the day he made that lovely frame for my nativity
and now Baby Jesus has a wonderful place in our home again
hopefully out of the range of flying projectiles.

It used to be a tradition making it in our house.
Last night, I thought I would make one batch alone.
I seriously over-estimated my skills.
Just a few blisters later...
Anise Hardtack
(that obviously needs the sugar shaken off a little more)

Homemade Gumdrops.
Not sure about these,
right now they taste like sugared finger jello,
but they need to sit out a day or two
to be finished,
We'll see.

Cream Cheese Mints
My mom always made these and had these cute little molds that she put them in.
I had none.
So, they are cut out with an empty roll of Stitch Witchery
stamped with a button.

And this stuff.
Wow, is all I can say.
It is too good to leave alone.
Corn Syrup
Peanut Butter
How can you not love it?

Chocolate Covered Cashews
Maybe a few others.

JWS thinks that I need an intervention.
or my meds adjusted.
Really, it's only BP medicine and Thyroid Meds.
Not any mood altering drugs.
he did mention holding me down and slipping an animal tranquilizer under my tongue.
How rude!
Of course, he said that through
Frito crumbs and chocolate dripping down his chin.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last two painting orders!

Jumping for Joy!
Doing the Happy Dance!
Whatever you want to call it.
My painting orders are DONE! 

I knew that this stable was coming,
Had no idea what it was going to look like...
A gift for a little girl that is into everything horses.
Her Mom had asked if I would paint it.
Then it arrived!
And it is BIG!
Really BIG!
These pics were taken in
JWS's garage.

Which sort of turned into Santa's workshop for a few days.

I should have stood by it for the pics.
For scale.
It is sitting on an eight foot table and I had to stand and reach to get
to the top of the roof.
They are going to varnish it and finish the inside.
Her initials are
so I made it personalized on the door.

And this sled
that has stumped me for some reason...
is now also

Let the holidays begin! 

even managed to fix the stove enough that we could have two burners
to limp through

I'll be making food tonight for the party on Saturday!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Yard Sale of the Year

Ok, I am showing you the mess first.
And for all those little thumbnail pics that come up,
yes, this is the BEFORE pic.

Moving Sale
I found this chest.
The drawers move in and out easily.
Perfect for the
Aforementioned Mess.
But really rough and dirty.
So I scrubbed.

Way too bright!
too bright!

So, I found more paint....

And made more of a mess.

And then drybrushed white all over it.

Still not exactly what I was after,
January is coming
and I'll have more time,
But for now...

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Rest of the Story

So those of you that have read the
Green post
will now get the REST of the story of yesterday.
Up in the AM,
finished these crocks for an order,
after a lovely, brisk,
freezing your butt off
3 mile walk in below freezing conditions.
are we going to do this all winter?
Then pack up my painting gear,
pick-up my MIL,
drop off my MIL at dialysis,
off to paint this.

Some of you will remember the beginning of this a few weeks back.
Still have lots to go,
but done until after Christmas. 
Making good time on that project,
I thought that I would have enough time to take back the jacket to
pick up the
cell phone case at the
Verizon Store
I picked up my MIL. 

So the time line.
Park at the Verizon Store
Walk in.
Leave my phone,
(Other issues also than just a case)
to Wallyville
Bag in Hand.
in the door get in line
Wait, you have to go to another line to get another paper.
Get in that line.
Wait Wait.
Until I have an anonymous blog, I won't go into details about that Wallyville
lest you all think that I am insensitive
I will tell you that he smelled so bad that I had my sleeve up over my nose.
No cause for smelling that bad.
Get my other paper,
Back in the other line.
Is it me, or does it seem like everyone just wants to chit chat with the Walmart employees today?
I have to pick my MIL up at 1:00!!!
So I am down to one person in front of me.
The old people bus pulls up.
It was like a parade of
shopping carts.
they all came between me and the counter
where I was now next.
the bottom of the receipt is missing.
The bar code.
So they will have to give me store credit.
No problem.
Other than the time
It is now 12:45. 
driver's license
Which is in the car, parked by the Verizon Store.
Reach in my pocket,
as I am running
to the car.
No keys.
I left them lay on the counter at the Verizon store.
Into the Verizon Store
the lady tries to explain the problem with my phone.
No time,
we'll talk later,
Grab my GREEN phone,
my keys,
to the car,
get my license
back to Wallyville
I am THIRD in line. 
Tapping foot
Looking at the clock
on my GREEN phone.
I finally get to the counter,
get MY Wallyville card,
wrap $20 of my money in the receipt and
back to the car.
Drive to the dialysis center and pull in at
Longest half hour of my life?
Not hardly,
it was the NEXT half hour.
She was not done until 1:30.
You ask,
why the panic?
Apparently you have never been late
to pick up an
I have.
Enough said.

Back home, get my MIL delivered,
painting stuff back in the house.
Get my car,
Back to work,
Where JWS,
did I mention he is sick?
(Really, a sick husband should evoke even more sympathy to my plight)
He leaves,
I finish the day.
Come home,
supper and some GREEN phone discussion.
And time to rest.

and make this.

I already had the circles cut and
it is going out
to a
I hope that she likes it!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Green Post, not the Eco-Friendly Kind

I like green.
Green pottery
Green Osage Oranges

Green on the edge of this yard sale find plate

Green on the cabbage dish that Shelby hates.

Green on a painting that I made.

Green is adorable on this little guy.

Green is perfect on this penny rug pillow.

And this painted oil can.

I love finding these green dishes.

This suitcase is a very special piece given to me
by a very nice friend.
I think of you, Kim, when I look at it.

Green buttons on this Christmas pillow

Green Christmas wall hanging my Mom made for me.

Even green lights on the tree.

A green flour sifter.

And this box painted for me by Lesley.

Even some green on this purse.

And the ONE green item in my closet.

and some green jewelry even.

So you might say.

Wow, you really like green,
even your new carpet is green.

You have lots of green.


a few weeks ago my PURPLE cell phone case broke.
JWS was going to town.

I asked him to find another cell phone case for me.

He SPECIAL ordered one for me.

Really, how nice you say.....


It is THIS color of green!

Not a fan....
It is not pretty,
It is not feminine,
I don't really even think it is cool
as he calls it.

It is just way too green.

The nice people at the store said,
"Do you want to pay for this or bill it to your husband's account?"

Bill it!