Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Festivities

Halloween Festivities
at our house
were last Saturday Night.
With it
brought these little goblins.
Buzz Lightyear on the far left
refused to leave his costume on.
Strawberry Shortcake
was not fond of her beautiful pink wig.
the fact that we got them all together for a photo
was simply amazing.

Then the kids,
all the older ones that is,
called JWS and I to the kitchen
for an announcement.

My first thought?
Who is pregnant now?

They told us to go to my car
and it was the start of finding our
Christmas gift.
There was a gift bag with a rhyme
that sent us to our church, where
the next hint and a pic of the entire family sent us to the local watering hole.

Church to Bar? 
Have to know our kids.
At the bar, the barmaid put a bag up on the bar.
In it were two IC Lights.
and another rhyming clue...
that sent us to the fairgrounds
where we found another bag with
another rhyme and a bottle of Heinz Ketchup.
The clue there sent us to our business
where we found another rhyme and handwarmers in a bag
and a big stuffed Bengal Tiger sitting beside it.

Getting the picture yet?
We did!
The whole family,
well at least everyone over the age of six,
is going to a Steeler/Bengals Game together.
How fun!

When we got back to the house,
the adult kids all had Steeler jerseys on! 

What a fun evening!

What ingenious kids! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who was ready for this?

Not the apple tree,

Not this tree that has not lost it's leaves yet,

Not the gerber daisies,

And certainly not the burning bush.

Not the snapdragons,

or the marigolds,

and certainly not these hearty mums

still perky as ever.

Not the petunias,

or the beautiful fall leaves,

or this little guy
and the impatiens
wondering what happened to fall....

And most assuredly...
NOT ME!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am giving this snowman pan lid,
and a few other surprise goodies,
on my
All you have to do is click on over there.
Or on the picture, if I did it right,
"like" my Facebook page.
I will be drawing it this week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Double Parked Amish

And when you are in a hurry! 
Yesterday was like every other day this week.
Hurry and get my REAL work done.
Hopefully get out of work early.
1.Deliver signs and flyers to Smicksburg
2. Rake Leaves,
4.  Paint and finish all the last minute projects for the Open House.
5. Drop into bed.

At step one,
this happened.
Double Parked Amish.
See that back fender?
That's my car.
See that horse.
He or She
(I didn't check)
Has me parked in.

my helper for the afternoon,
who was also excited about getting on to
Number 2 on the list,
comes to inspect.

"Yep, Gramma, we are stuck here."
we talked about the horse,
what big teeth it has
and so on.

Until the wagon that the horse was pulling was empty of fall mums.
And we could get on with our day.

Hey, not every day you get in an Amish traffic jam.
Well, maybe not you.
Around here it is a daily happening.

I want to thank everyone who has been stopping by
and commenting.
I love all of your comments
and love to hear from you.

I have not been keeping up with all of you like I should.
After this weekend,
that is a priority to stop in and visit everyone.

Thanks for bearing with me!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Candy Laxatives, WD 40 and my husband's ex-wife

Back up a month.
I started Weight Watchers again.
A couple of years ago I joined and was pretty successful at it.
Then life, an operation and some other stuff happened and I didn't go back.
And slowly (well not EXACTLY slowly)
I gained it back.
Well some/most of it.
But I am not going to bore you with that whole month.
Wednesday night,
let's start with that.
I have WW meeting and I buy some of the oatmeal
and these little candies.
And they are good,
Really good.
I eat a couple on the way home from the meeting.
You can have six for one point.
That's a lot of sweet!
Thursday AM
I try the oatmeal.
It is also good.
I pick up Kendall for her weekly day with MaMa.
I have a couple candies.
Go to work.
I have a couple more.
Noon Thursday.
Not to be indelicate,
and so many of my posts involve poop...
But let's just say that much of Thursday afternoon was spent in the bathroom.
Lots of Thursday afternoon.

Take Kendall home at 6:30
and the 20 mile drive back home
is a real fast one looking for another bathroom.

Friday AM

The boys have no school.
How in the world did we survive the entire summer with both of them at work?
I have no idea.
Today was a little testy.
But we survived.
Sort of.
A couple of bumps and bruises,
a few meltdowns.
A trip to the Bent and Dent.
and then.
I went to pick up my laptop.
You see
I was to speak at the church tonight.
Report at the Ladies Tea
on our West Virginia trip.
But I am getting ahead of myself.
I needed my laptop to show a slide show.
when I picked it up,
it was all greasy.
The boys apparently sprayed it
and some other stuff..
WD 40.

Not a public speaker as a rule.
I was a little nervous anyway.
I have a cold.
Runny nose,

I clean the laptop
I go home a little early.
JWS sends me a text.
It goes like this.
"I just ate one of your WW candies and I was reading the label
apparently these can work as a laxative."

Now you might think
"Oh that explains yesterday's bathroom issues."
But I am thinking.

I get cleaned up,
I go to the church.
I set up the computer
still reeking of WD40.

I am still a little nervous.
The lady gets up to announce that I am here.

she calls me by my husband's ex-wife's name!!!!

Been awhile since I had one of these days...

Open House Cramming

Just like cramming for a test,
I have been cramming to get things done for the Open House.
I work at it all year...
why do I do this every year?


and painting

and more painting,

and more sewing.

And this was my big oops this week.
I painted this then got the idea to put a handle on it.
Found an old leather belt
promptly attached it...

I then had to sand it down and repaint the face.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Snippets from the Weekend

Photos from the weekend! 
It was a great time,
time with my Dad,
so many old memories,
made some new friends,
made some new memories.

Part of our work crew.
This was Sunday at noon,
we were all getting a little tired!

Photos of the Blue Streak.
Saturday night we rode it.
I even got my 79 year old father to ride it!

New parts and old parts.
So great to see it being restored.

We did a lot of leaf raking..
most of it in the rain

Love this sentiment!

I even managed to get some projects done for the open house.
Not much to do in a hotel room when you wake up at five in the morning...

So I crafted!
Almost done with the 40 or so of these that I cut out!

Some stockings and mittens.

And these pinwheels. 
I can't remember where I got this pattern.
I would love to give the person credit.
If anyone knows, let me know and I will post the link.
They are pretty quick and easy to make.

And finally finished the pumpkin pillow. 
I know it has a price tag on it, but I just might keep it!

And my spooky Halloween story of the weekend.
On Saturday, we had a man that was running the tractor with a wagon
gathering all the leaves.
He was not a big talker and while I am sure he was a nice guy,
he just had that scary look to him.
I tried to engage him in conversation,
but to no avail.
I can usually get people to talk.
And normally..
the abnormal ones are the ones that seek me out.
Life Stories
Crazy Stories
Stories I Don't Even Want to Hear.
Most of the time, I try to avoid them.
But I wanted to know his story.

Nothing but grunts.

Then Sunday Morning,
I decide to go for a run.
Not out of wanting exercise so much
more out of wanting to undo the junk I had eaten the day before.

So picture it.
Old Hotel
Much of it vacant.
Misty, Creaky Boardwalk
Just before Dawn
Leads to
Amusement Park Midway.
Not a person around.
Except for me,
When along the side of the midway...
Something Moves.
And it is HIM!!!

That scary man.

I wave and yell/gasp
"Good Morning!"


I make a circle and now it is lighter and he is putting stuff in his old pick-up truck.

Wave again!
Run Faster!

Skip forward to later in the day.
Piles of leaves everywhere...
I ask
"Where is our tractor man?"
"He doesn't come in on Sundays."

His truck is still there.....