Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Milkcan, 18 and Stocking, 19

Finished this up yesterday AM.
I am embarrassed to say that it has been sitting here for a year.
A couple of coats of varnish and it is out of here also.

Gracelyn's Stocking.
Two more of these to go.
It still needs steamed.

These are great justification for the "hoard".
These were made without purchasing anything!

Everything was found in my stash!

Today begins some tense moments around my house.
The new carpeting comes on Friday.
But first...
The family room needs re-arranged,
The kitchen needs some adjustments to allow furniture to pass through,
The dining room needs emptied,
The living room needs emptied.
The old carpet needs ripped up,
The living room needs another coat of paint,
all before Friday Morning
and the kicker is...
a man, that would be JWS, that hates upheaval
of any type.
I am searching for the medicine that the doctor gave me for flying...
I'll just be slipping some of that in his morning coffee.
Way less of a crime than I could commit when he gets this tense!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twelve through Seventeen

For those of you following along,
there was this aggressive, impulsive moment
when I thought I could do
thirty projects in thirty days.
Everything started off great,
but somewhere along the line,
I got way behind.
Trying to get back on track.
12. Decorating the church, check!
13. The Stewart plaque in the previous post, check.
14. The other name plaque that I cannot show, check.
15. The coffee pot above, check.

16.  This snowman board, check.

17. Garren's stocking.

Not to worry,
18, 19, and 20 are laying on the living room floor in various
stages of completion.
Stockings for the rest of Garren's family.
that being said,
I have 13 projects to go
nine days!

To be fair,
part of the things that I wanted to do involved
Christmas decorating
and since I have new carpet coming on Friday,
and since half the house
needs moved to the other half of the house.
Decorating seemed senseless.

back to work today. 
Shouldn't I feel more refreshed and ready to go?
Lottery, I have to go and play that lottery.
I like staying home way too much!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ten Good Things About Deer Camp

1. Painting orders finished.
2. Who cares if the firewood bin goes empty?

3. Food from the microwave all weekend.
4. No one cares if there are dirty dishes in the sink.
(JWS is a  little obsessive over the sink)

5. More orders finished.
6. Full possession of the remotes.
7. Messy sewing area and who cares?

8.  All these projects spread all over the living room floor.

9. Full possession of the laptop.
Number 10...
Full possession of the king size bed!!!

I really will be glad for him to get home,
but it is almost a mini-vacation for me!

Oh and one last item.
Anyone remember the roaster lid that I painted?
Well it seems as though the person that brought it to me,
doesn't want it.

Does anyone else? 

I will swap something for it! 

Let me know!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I got nothin'!
Big plans for the weekend of what I was going to accomplish...
and yes,
a few orders are finished,
nothing close to the very aggressive
and productive LIST
that I had.
an evening out with three of my favorite young women,
listening to music
and a little dancing!
spent with family
that I don't get to see often enough.
great night's sleep last night.
The kitchen cleaned up,
firewood brought in,
some of this water!
Off to church
and then ready for the day.

I still have tomorrow off.
is the key!

The water is this.
A marble sized piece of ginger
peeled and sliced,
Two strawberries sliced,
One lemon sliced
A handful of mint.
Muddle that and add water and ice.

You can reuse this for quite awhile.
Just keep re-adding the water.
when you are done with it,
It sure makes the garbage disposal smell good! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Keepin' it Strate, The Thanksgiving Special

For those of you who missed the
Strate Thanksgiving Saga
Here is how the day started.
(and by the way, yesterday was our Thanksgiving)
Syrup made for the
Sweet Potato/Yam/The Final Butternut Squash
(Those of you that have been following along should be happy
with the FINAL Butternut squash idea)
Anyway, I try to turn off the burner and
It does not turn off.
I twist.
I turn.
I maybe "reef" a little too hard.
The knob breaks.
"JWS, we have a little problem"
For those of you also following along,
you might realize that we also have been having an oven problem.

JWS, walking to the kitchen says,
"What did you do now, Rambo?"
A short time later,
my kitchen looks like the pic above.
Tyler is repeating over and over the stove has problem,
big problems.
is quietly sharpening colored pencils all over my freshly vacuumed floor.
Jenn is watching it all amused drinking her coffee,
And JWS?
Full Panic Mode.
I mean
Full, maybe he should take a pill or something, Panic Mode.
I am calmly explaining that we still have three burners.
He is not so calmly screaming
that he will have a stove delivered by noon.
It went on from there.
JWS was to drive his Mom to dialysis,
she was getting later by the minute.
He was then yelling at me.
I knew he said those things in love.
If not, I would have poisoned his food or something.
It took until about 10 AM before he called and apologized.
Sooner than I thought he would.
How he has matured.
He is almost grown up.

Until about noon,
when I kept telling him that I smelled gas.
"No, you don't"
Yes, I do!"

and so it continued
until I walked out of the kitchen.

and then I heard.

and the explosion.

Of course, as soon as the flames died down,
and I realized I did not have to dial 911.

I said,
"Betcha listen the next time I tell you,
'I smell gas'"

Maybe it was not quite time.

I got the LOOK.

the meal got cooked,
thanks to neighbors' stoves and ovens.
Everything was good.
Fun was had by all.
JWS is leaving for camp.
He thinks I should go buy a stove and have it put in Friday.
He is going to be at camp.
A fridge full of leftovers.
A microwave.
I'm good for days.
And in the end,
this Thanksgiving was way less stressful than the one that,
the garbage disposal
backed up because of the burnt gravy
and the gravy then re-appeared
in all it's burnt glory
in the
downstairs bathroom shower.
Now that was a rough one!

And these two,
happily playing on the floor.

Garren loves this little car thing,
but Wyatt is looking around to see who might be watching...

in stealth mode...
steals it away!

Caught on camera!
How unhappy does Garren look about that?
I think he was puzzled with Wyatt and that crawling thing the rest of the day!

These four little angels,
Happily eating away.

And then they also
Got Real Silly!

Last of all.
Priorities of a First Grader.
Could they be any better?

I hope that all of you have a
Blessed Thanksgiving

and that your stoves keep working!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not Your Typical Turkey Roaster

An order for a customer,
Calling it Number 10 in my 30 items in 30 days.
Wouldn't want to roast the turkey in this!

Number 11.
I am not going to show the whole thing until after Christmas.
It is an order also
Christmas Gift.


Last night was the annual noodle making event! 
They are still drying for tonight's festivities.
We have our holiday meal tonight.
Allows the kids the holiday to attend all the other events.

And us?
A nice, quiet day with leftovers!

Hope that all of you have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beautiful evening!

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent in Pittsburgh
with Shawnee, Gracelyn and Garren.
It was the second night of
Light Up Night
while at first I said that I didn't want to go,
I am so glad that I had second thoughts!

It was a wonderful evening
the weather was perfect!

Gracelyn loves all things horses!

And she waved until I thought her arm had to be tired.
The princess wave of course.

And Garren thought it was OK also.

I was using Shawnee's camera
and the shots were not all that great.
Not her camera,
I am sure it was the person behind the camera.

Elmo and Cookie Monster made an appearance.

I liked these caped riders.

A Cinderella moment.

And these little minis were so cute!

If you live near here and have never been to this, mark it on your calendar for next year!
It was a great event!
Parking and Traffic were minimal issues.
and it was a great family crowd!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jewels, Gems and All Things Sparkly

What fun!
Digging through all those beads!
I had so many 1, 2 , 5  and 10 of a kind
not a lot that matched anything else.
But, with these, it didn't really matter.

A piece of Amber
bought in a little side street store
Colonial Zone
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
What memories!
I may have to keep that one.

Some sparklies.

And polka dots.

And I little antique look.
And viola!

Five more bracelets!
Some pink...

Blacks and golds...

More black and gold.

More colors..

And a soft purple and green.

It's going to be hard to part with them,
I like them all!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Bracelet

This is my take on it anyway.
To be truthful,
I have never been in an Anthropologie store.
I didn't even know what they were until my neice got a job
at one and I googled it.
I don't get out much!
But I found this tutorial
on my new addiction,
(My account is under my name, Cathy Strate, if anyone wants to add to that addiction)
in my efforts to use what I am "learning" there,
I made this bracelet.
Here is the tutorial.
I have to go back and check out the other eleven projects that she has.

This is a really good tutorial,
I have never worked with elastic thread before
and it is a little tricky
to get used to.

Funny story there.
In the mess of errands that I had to run in the 3 hour wait for my MIL
to be done with dialysis...
the final stop
was Wallyville.
Elastic thread,
Contact Solution
Hair Mousse
Got it all,
Check off the final stop on my handy dandy
color notes on my phone...
Just enough time to make it back to the hospital.
I am doing great.
Pick up my MIL,
Load her in the car,
where is my bag from Wallyville?

Apparently in the cart still!!!! 
Guess you can't have a PERFECT day.
The good news,
A quick run into the store and some honest person turned it in.
Not a big believer in Karma,
but I did put a dime in the meter next to mine yesterday
for the person behind me whose had run out.....
or really,
no one else needed
Elastic Cord
Contact Solution.

So, back to the bracelet.
Now that my beads are laying all over my sewing table.
I may have to make a few more of these.
For Christmas.
Don't tell.

as I was digging through the craft closet for the beads.
I was reminded of Gracelyn's word on one of her overnights here,
as she also dug through that closet,
"Mamaw, I love being here!"
"Why Gracelyn?"
Expecting some loving revelation from the three year old.
"Because you have so much STUFF!"

Guess it pays to be a hoarder! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial

We are counting this as Number 8.
Back to business here.
The deal I made with myself.
I cannot keep pinning things on Pinterest
without doing some of the things that I have pinned.
that being said,
I will share the way that I made this.
There are tons of tutorials out there.
I think that I have them all.
Here goes with another.
I literally made this,
start to finish,
1/2 Hour.

Start with t-shirts or as in this case, tank tops.
Being in the screenprinting business
affords me the luxury of lots of
brand new, misordered shirts.
More than I like to admit.

Cut them into five inch strips.

Then five inch squares.
If you don't have a rotary cutter, this might take a little longer.

Stack them up.

And start sewing point to point.
Lay each one down where the point ends on the one behind.
I stretch stitched,
you could use a zig zag or even a straight stitch.
You can make this as long as you want.
You could even use bigger or smaller squares,
and the color possibilities are endless.
I cut up two tanks and two t-shirts
I have enough for a couple more, I think.
And wait....
We ruined about 25 Steeler Gold shirts yesterday...
I see some Steeler scarves coming.
Can I get those done before the next game?