Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snowflake & Star Vine - Free Painting Directions

You will need:
Assorted liner brushes
#4 lettering brush
or #4 flat brush
Assorted Star and Snowflake Stencils
Cosmetic Sponge Wedges
Decoart Americana
Khaki Tan
Slate Gray
Bleached Sand
Light Cinnamon
Surface of choice, basecoated Black.

As always, these are suggestions.
Get something close and don't worry if they are not EXACTLY
the same colors.

I am always perusing the stencil aisle in any craft shop.
There are well used stencils hanging all over the bulletin board in my painting room.
You can't beat a stencil for adding perfect shaped stars to a project.
You can always shade and highlight them to make them look painted,
but it sure is a lot easier to stencil them than to try to draw or trace them.
There are quite a few snowflake ones hanging there also.
Yours don't have to be the same,
get creative!
I love cosmetic wedges for stenciling.
Just a little hint,
the ones from Dollar Tree are not quite dense enough.
Upgrade to the discount chain ones.
Frugal as I am,
I let them dry and then cut off the hard part and use them again and again.
It's the hoarder in me.

With a mix of Black and Slate Gray,
stencil the biggest stars here and there on the back ground.
Make them run over the edges and keep them random.
Vary the values in the mix of paint.

I like to have several liner brushes to vary the thickness and the look of the vines.
With a thicker liner loaded with thinned Light Cinnamon,
wiggle in your first vine.
Pick up Khaki on the brush and highlight the vine here and there.

With a finer, smaller liner, weave more vines in with thinned Black.

With thinned Khaki on the #4 brush,
paint in the leaves.
For those of you unfamiliar with stroke work,
these are just a stroke of pushing your brush down and lifting it up and pulling it toward you
with a quarter twist.
Practice, they are really not hard.

Paint them in decreasing size to look like wheat.

Using the thin liner,
loaded with thinned Khaki and Bleached sand,
connect the leaves.

With Bleached Sand and Slate Gray,
stencil in some small stars
here and there.
(Isn't that a nice fingernail?  I would like to say they are not always like that,
but I can't...constantly scrubbing paint out from under them!)

I tape out my stencils to suit where I want to use them.

So now you should have something that looks like this!

Now with Bleached Sand
and a finer, smaller snowflake stencil,
add some more snowflakes along the vine.

Then with a stylus, pen or the other end of the brush,
add dots of Light Cinnamon,
then Khaki,
Bleached Sand.
A little tip on this is make a new puddle of paint to dip out of.
If your paint is starting to dry,
your dots will be all wonky.

And there you have it.
Sound easy?
Just another hint.
If you don't have snowflake stencils,
or just want this for all year,
it could be done with bigger stars in the background
and smaller ones in the front.
Make it your own.
Just remember,
you are welcome to share these directions,
pin them,
Paint this, sell it, give it away,
just don't take the directions as your own.
send me pictures of whatever you do with this! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How fast can you post?

Ok, I meant to do this earlier.
A couple of more finished projects from yesterday.
A spring towel.

two more balls for the boys room.
But this is what held me up.
A little unseasonal,
but real easy and fun to do.
Watch for the tutorial tomorrow...
or tonight maybe.

I was warned to be at work on time.
I have been going a little later.
the last three nights,
I have been there late.
Doesn't that count?
as I am typing this,
my phone is beeping.
What could they possibly want? 

It's tough living with your
co-worker/husband/thinks he's the boss person! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Three Word Weekend

Finally finished this.

Girls, Girls, Girls
Wonderful Band Concert

Mail from Sheila.
Thanks so much!
Shelby loved it.

Snow in February.

Added more details

Painted for boys.

Three finished scarves.

A finished rug.
Pot of chili
for the week.

Tyler's Basketball Practice.
Dinner with Friends.
Laundry is done.
Church on Sunday.
A visit with
Kendall and Shelby.

A wonderful gift.

Three words will not work here.
Shelby wrote a book as she calls it.
Twenty some pages
of our/her life so far.
She gave it to my Sunday afternoon
I read it Sunday night.
What a gift.
So many memories
and hearing them from her point of view
was amazing.
I laughed.
I cried,
I will treasure it forever!

And now,
on to another work week!
Monday, here I come.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Long Legged Sheep Painting Tutorial

Before we start,
here are the warnings.
OK, that being said....
Relax and have fun with this.
I used:
#2 long liner
1/2 " glaze wash brush
#4 round brush.
Decoart Americana
Khaki Tan or Sable Brown
or any other beige.
Bleached Sand
Light Cinnamon
Antique Gold
Midnight Blue
Background color of choice
Blanket color of choice

Any long skinny wood item would work for this.

Measure out where you want the checkered border.
Paint that area with Bleached White and shade the edges.
Allow to dry and then tape the area that you want to remain white,
and then paint back over the tape.
Below you will see those steps from left to right.
Repainting over that seals the tape and does not allow the next color to seep under.
It makes for a really clean edge.

I painted the top Russet.
The bottom can be sponged
or distressed
and can be any color.

At this point you can cut a piece of paper for a pattern for the body,
and trace around it

just take a piece of chalk
and draw them in.
it's not hard
and they don't have to be any certain shape!

I paint them with whatever color I have handy.
These are
from left to right.
Khaki Tan, Sable Brown and Slate Gray.
While the paint is still wet and
without rinsing your brush,
just pick up some Bleached Sand
and blend a little into the body for a highlight.
Don't OVER blend.
Just slip slap it in there.

With thinned Bleached Sand,
make a bunch of little swirlies.
Twirl them both ways,
big ones and little ones.
Primitive not Perfect!!!

Paint in the blanket in your color of choice.
I used Avocado
in the interest of time this morning
and then used the same for the grass.

Highlight the blanket a little on the bottom
by mixing the blanket color and
whatever color that you used for the body.

The legs and head and tail and ears...
just black.

Stencil a star on the blanket.
make it your own with a painted penny,
glue a button on.
Be creative.

with either
Light Cinnamon
Milk Chocolate
float shade the body.
Add as many details as you would like.

And you are done!

How easy was that?

Do you even realize how fast you could paint these? 

and one final word.

Share this,
Paint these,
Sell these.
Whatever you want to do.
Just please,
don't take the instructions as your own.
I gave them to you for free.
Link this and send it to anyone else you would like.
if you paint any of these sheep...
I would love to see pics of them!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Insomnia Post

Or otherwise known as,
The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
So here goes,
To start with,
the pic above is the start of a tutorial that I will be posting
later today
or tomorrow
well, I have good intentions.
It will be for these sheep,
when it happens.

To start with,
this is totally being blamed on day seven
Can't sleep,
but on the up side,
I don't think that I have been mean at all.
That might be yet to come.
But then again,
it might be due to too much on my mind,
and a little too much to do,
which I am trying to work through quietly
JWS slumbers peacefully.

So to start,
and this was a success so far this er..
whatever it is.
I think that I managed to get all my personal stuff.
switched to Gmail.
there was too much jamming up my work email.
It really needed separated.
I could not get my other email on my phone.
Gmail seems to work.
One thing done,

yesterday I finally realized,
after fighting my contacts for a month of not seeing real well,
that I had two left contacts in!
Don't ask me how this happens,
if I knew I would change it.
Life just gets a little confusing sometimes.
And then
it is a downhill slope when you can't see right.
Happy to report,
I can see great now!

Yesterday, Feb. 22nd,
I managed to take the motorcycle for a little trip down the road.
Gotta love that first little circle of the spring.
Makes me want summer even more,
but for right now...
I was froze when I got home!

Knock Me Over With A Feather
Last Friday,
I am on the Dialysis Run, waiting and haunting
one of my favorite thrift shops
when I get a call from JWS.
He starts by telling me that what he is about to say is going to shock me.
Really shock me.
I think that maybe we should do this in person.
Because after all this is one of my favorite shops
and I don't want it shrouded in a
of a
traumatizing, life-changing epiphany,
Might as well save those for non-fun places like the dentist's office.
Then he informs me that someone called from the school and they wanted to know
if we could house students (teenagers)  for a weekend
for the regional band conference.
I say,
"Yes, I have had the calls and letters and told them no because
I knew you wouldn't agree to it."
And he says.
"Well, we have kids coming, this sounds like fun!"
My comment,

So this morning,
I am cleaning
and laying out towels
and making a grocery list
getting ready for
four teenage girls to arrive tonight.
It has been years since I have had four teenage girls in the house.
It was fun then,
but I am much older now.
I might need a nap this afternoon.

Still with me? 
Let's see..
Happy news.
Create and Decorate took two more of my projects for issues this year.
No pics of those at their request.
My daughter, Shelby turns 30 today.
Where did those years ago?
I am meeting my Blog and Facebook friend, Beverley today
in person for the first time.
We are taking a painting class together in Virginia in August
and decided to have brunch together today,
while I am on the Dialysis run.
I can't wait to meet her in person!

I think that is all.
I am off to take my nativity set down.
Shouldn't that have already been done?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Spring!

Well, not quite,
but I did get this finished and am going to once again
make a stab at offering items on my selling blog.
Bear with me,
I never really fully mastered what to do over there!

Come on over and visit!

New offerings daily?
Yeah, right!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Forget that Stupid Phil

Punxsutawney Phil, that is...
when this is what we see on the way to church,
I know that spring is right around the corner.

Maple Syrup time!

In Amish Country.
A little farther on there were some
not so modern Amish
using the old buckets with lids.
high heels
and mud
some fencing
kept me from getting close enough to
get those pics.
So while there is no green in the picture,
those bright shiny silver bags
always let me know spring in on the way!

So in honor of that.
I am working on this bunny!

Still some work to be done
I just laid the wood pieces on it for a pic.

And this little sheep cabinet
for my daughter.

And some little recipe clips.

Yesterday afternoon was so nice,
my morning walking friend and I decided to go on an
daylight walk,
that almost turned into a
night time walk
when we ventured out a little too far.
I was really wishing that I had my camera.
Pretty water flowing down over the hills
in mini waterfalls,
Deer in the meadow across a creek,
Moss covered rocks and cliffs.
Two sweaty, middle aged women,
nervously laughing at the stupidity of heading
that far out and not telling anyone
what direction they were going.

Good Times.