Saturday, March 30, 2013

Owls and a Rare Cooking Success

Not entirely my own idea,
these were adapted from this website.
I changed a few things to make them a little different.
These were the first,
I have some different thoughts for the next batch.

Put wings on some,
feather scallops on the belly,
add some burlap...
the possibilities.


And another success.
Those of you who follow this craziness
will know the condition of the Easter Eggs
unsuccessful Bunny Rolls.
Those of you who don't
follow on Facebook,
I will just leave all that to your imagination.
I CAN cook,
just don't really
to cook. 
My cooking "process"
seems to provide people with entertainment.
So much that some people think that I need
my own cooking show.
I might be a little clumsy in the kitchen...
Artistic Cooking
totally escapes me.
A beautiful cake,
artfully presented meals,
uniform sized cookies...
not within my capabilities.
I still try
every now and then...
I thought this bunny was cute.
My family however had these comments.
"Is that a hippopotamus?"
"Oh, look at that! A turtle!"
and while one of them
actually realized it was a bunny,
this comment.
"Does that rabbit have boobs?"
Oh, they are so not encouraging!
And finally,
Remember these rugs?
I had this small box of macrame cord,
that belonged to my aunt.
I thought that I might get one rug out of it.
Well, this was like the
loaves and the fishes,
I think it was multiplying
as I went.

Three rugs!
Who would have thought?

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Another addiction,
I did not need.
Although it is not junking up my house
doesn't need dusted,
like many of my other vices,
this one has really become a time sucker
for me.
I am
Surprised at how much is already done for me,
how willing people are to share,
I even connected with a distant cousin
managed to fill in a lot of blanks there!
I have to get away from this computer!
But wait,
there is another of those little leaves
another hint....
Honestly, folks,
it is worse than Pinterest!
Be warned!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Wall, Geography and a Poll

The Wall
OK, it might have been partially my idea.
I had this idea that we are going to need a gun safe.
Just an idea.
Sometimes they just fall out of my mouth
before I even realize that I am saying them.
You know,
"Did I say that out loud?"
JWS can normally have several reactions to my ideas.
1. Stare at the tv and feign deaf.
(as in, Are you actually crazy?)
in the rare case....
when the stars are perfectly aligned..
in his favor, I might add...
3. Great, let's do it!
The stars were aligned.
maybe it was the ...
"There is no way a gun safe is going in the living room."
that prompted
The Wall
Those of you that are here often
know that I am a bit of a hoarder.
Those of you,
and you know who you are,
that have actually passed the friendship test
have had the privelege to lay actual eyes
on the basement...
well, let's say that you will understand what has
happened here more than anyone.
JWS had an "area" in the basement.
My stuff might have been
into his
So, in preparation for the safe...
he apparently decided
that a wall was the only thing that was going to keep me
my stuff out.
The above picture is his side.
This picture is my side.
Don't call
Buried Alive
I am still working on it.
Baby steps.
For lunch a day last week
we ordered Chinese take-out.
It was a celebration.
Not an every week occurence.
On Friday,
we ate Vietnamese in Pittsburgh
and then on Saturday
as we were planning to go to a Chinese Buffet
with friends,
I say to JWS,
"Oriental food, three times this week,
that is unusual"
Puzzled, he says to me,
"This will only be twice,
lunch and this, what is the third time?"
Me: Vietnamese, on Friday.
JWS:  That is not oriental.
Me: What would you call it? Spanish?
JWS: No, but not Oriental.
Me: Can you point to Vietnam on a map?
JWS:  I would have to see a globe?
The argument discussion continued.
Thank Goodness for Google Earth.
And now....
The Poll
JWS has been conducting an unofficial poll among women.
It is about 70/30 in my favor.
Keep in mind that we live in a pretty redneck/rural area.
In any other civilized society,
I think I would be even farther ahead in this poll.
All excited about the possibility of winning,
JWS tells me that he is buying tickets for this
camouflage recliner.
Not the one pictured,
but I sure it is a close resemblance.

Not to squelch his excitement,
I calmly ask,
"Where do you think that you are going to put that?"
Not to my surprise,
I hear,
"Why in the living room, of course!"
Every part of my being wants to
grab him by the throat...
wait, did I say that out loud also?
I say.
Get that?
He whines, he talks...
another thousand words or so of justification...
and still I say.
And he hasn't even won it.
Hasn't even bought a ticket, yet.
We are not "winning" people.
So he polls....
every woman he talks to.
I am winning.
Mind you, I don't want to offend anyone,
this would be fine in a family room.
We have a family room...
it is red, white and blue.
Not going there.
So, here is my proposition.
Leave a comment.
Let me know your thoughts.
I won't judge.
I haven't seen your house.
Maybe it would fit your decor.
I can take honesty.
Would you allow this in your main living room? 
I, personally think it would be great...
on his side of the wall!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bunnies, Rugs and Lizard Girl

What a weekend!
It went this way and that way
basically provided me with
blog material for the week.
we will start with bunnies.
Managed to get a few of those painted.

Finished this one from
Wednesday night painting.

And some little magnets
for the
Spring Section of the Open House

The hoarder in me says keep these tubes.
But the
Reduce the Hoard
person says pitch them.
They are heavy,
but what to do with them?
where to store them?
Skip on down to see what they are from.
Saturday morning
And while I was there
(in the sewing room, that is)

 I found this box of macrame cord,
left from my aunt's craft stash.
One rug finished
one rug almost finished.
That looks really is just the way it is laying.

This little girl is enjoying the
Florida sunshine
apparently has made a new friend!
She is way braver than her grandma,
can't say that I would hold one of those!
Hang on...
tomorrow is
a poll,
JWS' geography
The Wall.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What I Bought, What He Bought

My purchases were mostly at
Pittsburgh Center for Creative ReUse.
I love that place,
patient as JWS is,
I did sense a certain uneasiness
readiness to bolt out of there as soon as I gave the word.
I could stay there for hours.
So, I bought tiles,

and more tiles,

and lots of letters.

The Strip District,
I also bought some ginger.
Homemade ginger ale for Easter dinner!
Can't wait!

JWS bought a fish.
And at PCCR
he bought some golf balls for the boys.
128 golf balls, to be exact, for $5.
(126 of them will turn into projectile objects under
the mower blades in a mere two months or so.)

He also bought a small jar of caviar.
Don't these two things resemble one another?
I assure you, I did not eat either one!

What I did eat was Pho soup.
It was good, but I liked the spring rolls
and the split rice dish better.
All this was at
Tram's Vietnamese Restaurant
Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh,
near Children's Hospital.
Great little place!

Always great to have a little mini

Friday, March 22, 2013

Full of Links

project is finally done!
JWS and I are heading to Pittsburgh today.
Dropping this off at
is on our list for the day.

So is the
for an open house and fair food.
JWS wants to eat Pho
which I always thought the word would look like
(glad I saw this prior to perusing the menu)
Of course there will be a stop at
No trip to Pittsburgh is complete without
a slide through there
to check if there is anything I can't live without.
we will see where the rest of the day leads us.
It is mini-day-vacation of sorts.
I have this order done!
For the pattern,

No link here,
I just can't believe that after all these years with no
house plants,
I finally have one
it is blooming.
Who would have thought?

Trying to work on my selling blog.
This stuff is piling up,
which I guess is good
so I have inventory for the open house,
But this is for sale now.

Ok, no more links.
What a great week with friends.
I rode with a friend to see another friend
that is having some health issues.
Please keep Kim in your prayers,
she is fighting,
she has kept her sense of humor intact.
Strength that I don't think I would have had
in that situation.
Funny story of that day.
We take gifts in the room and
Kim is sleeping.
We set the gifts down and wait in the cafeteria.
We eat totally forgotten.
Kim relates the owl nightmares that she is having,
and still I don't think.
We finally go back to her room
where she opens the gifts....
Wool Owl, Owl on a towel....
Note to self....just take flowers!
Tuesday night I came home to find two
of the cutest little children in the world
visiting me with their mother.
Love those unexpected visits!
was a nice night
painting with friends.
really enjoyed hanging out and painting.
We are hoping to do that more often!
Hope that everyone has a great weekend!
I hear that we might break over the 40 degree mark!
Never thought I would be thankful for that!

Monday, March 18, 2013

How fast can you crochet?

Pretty fast if you only have a week.
Last Saturday,
I got the hare-brained idea that I could make afghan
for the shower that I went to

And as fast as my hands could move,
I worked all week.
All the colors that were in the room that I painted,
I wanted it to match.

And Friday night...
it was done! 
All that, with some time leftover!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Breakfast Foods

This is my idea of breakfast food.
Take that yogurt,
scoop it into a bowl,
add some Grape Nuts
stir it all up.
Go change a load of laundry,
check your email,
some other random activity.
You have to let the Grape Nuts get soft
lest you break a tooth on them
Grab the apple on your way out the door,
food for the commute.
Sometimes this can be
changed up.
A whole wheat wrap,
heated on the burner,
add some
peanut butter
wrap it all up.
Sounds healthy, right?
JWS brought this home...

with the comment,
"You know that they put jelly and stuff in that yogurt
you are eating, right?"
That is why it tastes good!
You know that you could be adding your own
fruit to that yogurt and it would
be a lot healthier.
I know that,
but I am not going to do that.
So there it sits.
Tyler wanted pancakes last night
we had no milk.
That made awesome pancakes!
JWS boiled potatoes,
no milk,
that made some really fine
mashed potatoes.
But for breakfast?
I think not.
So you think,
all this healthy stuff,
I wish my significant other would be so healthy..
look at this.

Liverwurst and Puddin.
That is what he brought home from
an afternoon at the butcher shop.
I am sticking with the top picture.
Jelly and junk and all.
Finally managed to paint this mailbox.
I am embarrassed to tell you how long it has sat there.
Why do I procrastinate so much?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Readers, Stay Free and a Cell Phone

What do all of these have in common?

all three passed though my life in a short half hour.

Well, not the SHORTEST half hour I ever spent exactly.
You see, it was time for my Mom and Dad's
cell phone to be upgraded.
They are on my plan,
we are not even going to go into
JWS changing the plan recently
and the bill that ensued.
is just too much for me to wrap my mind around
an experience not worth repeating
once you hear this story that I AM
you can only imagine how bad the
story actually is.

So, here we go.
Mom and Dad are here visiting Shawnee,
I think it is the perfect time to upgrade their cell phone.
I have errands to run so I have them meet me
at the Verizon store.
is the very nice employee there
is so kind and helpful...
I really liked her before yesterday,
I think I love her. 

We get the new and fancy phone out.
Oh My Gosh,
the keys are on the outside.
Not on the inside
how do you answer that?

After establishing the unreal phenomenon of pushing
to actually answer the phone,
we move on to the key unlock
silencing the phone for
church and doctor's appointments.
(I guess when you are 78 and 80,those are your chief social obligations.)
And by George,
I think they've got it!
(You could say that with a British accent if you would like)
And so,
on the second run through...
Eileen is being so patient...
I  say to Mom,
"Ok, point to the button that you use to answer the phone."
Fumbling, looking....

"Mom, it is SEND!!!!"

Mom says, "I know that but I can't see it."


Now for the conversation from there.

Me: Why can't you see?  Where are your glasses?
Mom: They don't work since I had my cataract surgery
Me: When do you go back for glasses?
Mom: One month
Me: Why don't you buy a pair of readers?
Mom: Because the doctor didn't tell me to.
Me: Maybe the doctor just thought you would figure that out,
or maybe he just won't tell you to do that but you have to be able to read or see up close for that month we are going to Walmart to buy you glasses, it is right next door.
Mom: But the doctor....
Me:  Everyone has have to get a pair.
Mom: I tried your Dad's they don't work
Eileen: My mom has a pair to match every outfit....
(See why I love her)
off we go to Walmart.
We find the glasses, we test her eyes,
which involves an explanation
of how to wear them after she puts them on
like regular glasses and can't see the signs...
We find a pair that we think will work and she puts them on...
and just to make sure
I grab the first thing at my fingertips that will have print on it...
and that, folks,  is how we ended up standing in Walmart
on a Wednesday afternoon
a package of
Stay Free Mini Pads.