Saturday, December 30, 2017

And then....crash!

So, it's Wednesday 
I am going to clean camp. 
Sorry folks, 
no before pics, 
it was THAT bad! 

I put wide tape on my painting table
 to protect it. 
Works great, but a bear to take off and replace.
At least an hour of picking and messing. 
but it was done....
I say this because it was the only thing 
I regretted in the chain of events
that followed that. 
Camp somewhat cleaned,
tape replaced, sitting down to paint, 
JWS walks in with the light that I have 
been asking ok nagging to have put in for a little while
at least a month. 
How exciting! 

We get a chair and he starts. 
I turn my back to clean up some more stuff 

This is what ensued! 
JWS is only minor hurt.
I am struggling holding back laughter. 
all I can think about it how long it took to pull 
that tape off of the table.  
JWS thinks that he can fix that table.  
he doesn't have the same view 
that I have. 
And really, what make a 200+ pound 
man think that he can stand on a 
60 year old table? 

I clean up the mess, 
he finishes the light. 
I do some shifting of tables because 
well you know, 
I just happened to have a few more tables. 

Cover it with tape, 
do some rearranging 
I am back in business. 

Better than ever! 

And my happy place is back!   

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Gracelyn's Florida Trip

Found this post in the drafts from two years ago and didn't want to lose it. 
Such a fun trip and such great memories.

Art Journals

It started as an idea...
like they all do,
and then it grew...
again, not unusual.

Art Journals for all the grandchildren
for Christmas.
Can anyone tell me why those ideas
don't come to me in January...
or November...
and anytime before
Mid December.
But there it was.
So off to the local Walmart for sketch books
and sets of pens and markers.
All age appropriate.
And here I go,

And they are almost done.
I have just a little more work
all seven eight will be done.
Oh, I thought of another little person that would enjoy it.
want to make one of your own? 
Here is my list.
1. To start, draw yourself.
2. Now draw your family.
3. Draw your favorite ornament on the tree.
4. Before the Christmas tree comes down, quick capture it here.
5. Fill each area with a different color or pattern. (squiggly lines)
6. What do your see when you look out your front door?
7. Draw something red.
8. Design a Christmas ornament.
9. Make a picture with the first letter of your name.
10. Fill in the snowman. (snowman outline)
11. Black and your spirit.
12. Draw your favorite shoes.
13. Winter wonderland snow globe ( outline provided)
14. Good enough to eat?  Draw your favorite candy.
15. Make a picture or a pattern using these lines. (random lines)
16. Draw something blue.
17. Draw a great big bug.
18. Look out your back door, what do you see?
19. Fill in the crayons. (tracings of crayon shapes)
20. Five different trees
21. Five different leaves.
22. Create a picture of your favorite zoo animal.
23. Make some snowflakes.
24. Draw something that makes you laugh.
25. Fill up a fishbowl
Well that is the first 25.  
If anyone is interested, comment or send me a message
and I will post the other 45 prompts.

This is part of my collection of sketchbooks.  
I find it hard to not walk into a store and buy more.
I even have a new one in that stash to start the first of the year.
 I hope that my grandchildren enjoy theirs.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Next Project - Van Floor Tutorial

Ok, this was Pinterest Inspired because,
yes, you can learn anything on Pinterest.
I don't have the link, but let me tell you,
in true "nailed it" fashion, this was a bit harder than
it looked.

Part of the issues were from the fact that I was
on serious "fairlag"  (as one of my friends put it)
Similar to jetlag apparently.

But JWS was determined it needed done
that day!  
And honestly,
he is way more in love with Wilma (the van)
than I am!

So I made the pattern with the insulation.
Did I mention that I have been struggling with
vertigo on and off for several weeks.
This did not help the situation.

Then we pulled the pattern out and laid it on the
garage floor on the plywood.
Easy Peasy.
Well, not exactly.
The pattern bends and twists,
the plywood, not so much.
It took a little messing around...
well actually it took some more power tools,
big hammers, smashed fingers, a lot of sweat
and maybe a bad word thrown in.
But it is in and wow, is it quieter!
Now for walls!
and carpet,
and some paint inside,
and the rest of the letters off of the outside,
relettered for the shop,
and seats cleaned....
I did not want another project!

Still Warming Up To Her

It is taking me some time to warm up to this van.   
I have finally named her Wilma. 
Trips to the gas station like this are not endearing though. 
I think it was the gas crunches of 1978 and a large Pontiac 
since I have spent that much at a gas station! 
More on her later. 

And this...
Last week for all this 10 and 12 year old fun and games. 
And yes, he is bowling with spools of embroidery thread...
Next week we trade it for four year old fun and games.  
Can't wait to have him back! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Eight Shirts

That's what I need to get through this week. 
I order eight new ones and stack them up. 
When they are gone this marathon week is over. 
You see, tomorrow starts 
Dayton Fair Week. 
Otherwise known as 
Will you still be standing when this is over? 
Sometimes the prep is worse than the actual week. 
here is how today went. 

Let's back up to two days ago 
The Injury.
John did something to his leg, 
which threw us into 
lost day at the ER
and a huge upheaval of what we had planned. 
You know the saying
When we plan, God laughs. 
So today. 
When the injury happened, 
the hot tub was empty. 
It needed cleaned.. 
That was yesterday.
I cleaned it, 
in the morning, 
and it was a cold job. 

Apparently, I didn't get the filter put back together right. 
Which brings us to this morning. 
It was empty
at that point we were not sure that the pumps 
had not been damaged. 
So I start refilling, 
I set the timer on my phone so that in the event
that my day goes awry
I don't come home at ten tonight to a flooded 
neighborhood and a huge water bill. 
and I go to work. 
I have to open the shop 
meet the UPS man 
and put roasters of pork on at the fair
Somewhere in there I managed to check the 
hot tub and no damage done. 
At work, 
three calls from the boys. 
Logan won't get ready, 
Logan won't get ready
and then 
Logan calls. 
"My tooth broke again (see previous post) 
and I can't walk to the shop with a broken tooth" 
Back in the truck to go and get the boys. 
( I have been driving the truck since the injury, 
it is the only vehicle that I can get the patient in" 

Sausage delivery
Several hundred pounds put away. 

Unhappy people at the fairgrounds over silly stuff. 

Did I mention that the patient is not happy either today? 

Then the saga of the medical records that the hospital might have 
sent to the doctors office 
you could actually get a real person on the phone. 
I finally get a real person 
after five phone calls
and she assures me that she sent them to the doctor
I assumed that was a lie to get me off the phone
because I hadn't called for them 
until today. 

We leave for the doctor after 
we lose the crutches
manage to stop at a convenience store for 
a snack/lunch 
and that is when I realize that my debit card has expired 
and I never got a new one. 

That problem is not solved yet. 

But the laugh of the day occured later. 
Home from the doctor, 
closed the shop in Smicksburg
head to Genesis to do some 
paperwork for the fair
and then to the house to get a paintbrush
when I see the boys in the yard looking at something

When I inquire, they tell me it is a ground mole. 
Logan has a golf club ready to "take care" of it. 
Tyler wants to shelter it. 
I am siding for Logan. 
They have become a nuisance this year. 
Logan finally whacks it and kills it quick. 
Tyler runs to the porch devastated. 
Logan bends over to examine his kill and says, 
"Hey are those balls on that thing?"


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Girl's Night vs. Boy's Night

Girl's night was a week ago. 
Girl's night involves
Intricate Crafting
Boy's night was last night. 
Boy's night involves
A total cleaning of my house this morning
One chipped tooth
and the subsequent trip to the dentist this morning
One broken set of glasses
requiring a trip to the eye doctor. 

The boys are calling it 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Impromptu Sleepover

This is what my house looked like this morning.
At one point in life,
I had these grand plans of creating this wonderful
kid's bedroom.
Oh, I pinned and planned.
But really,
they would rather sleep on the floor in piles of blankets.
the day started out with two.
Just to swim.
Of course, the ones that own the pool would be there,
making four.
Then we were to go to Kendall's game
Rural Valley
and then take the two home.
Logan decided to go to the game with us.
The game was moved to Indiana,
30 miles away.
We load up.
And stand and sit in the rain.
The game is over at ten.
Somewhere in there
not to be left out of a party,
announces he is staying with
Mommy Mamaw
And then Logan decides he is staying also.
Before bed,
Garren and Kamden
discussing life
over banana popsicles.

By eleven the giggling was over and they were out,
Tyler showed up in pajamas.
dragging his blanket
for breakfast.

What a fun night!
The best events!

Oh and why the first two did not go home?
Mommy and Daddy,
coming home from California
got stuck in Philadelphia
thanks to our
"highly efficient "
air travel system!
Swimming earlier in the day.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Two More Projects

Two more rooms at
Camp Two Doors Down,
But how they have fought me!
I thought that I could wallpaper this ceiling,
but that was a dismal failure
so tomorrow I begin to patch.

This is the inspiration for
the other room.

But what a fight it has been.
Three coats of paint
hot, hot weather.

And now I have this.
I still need to wash the windows and woodwork.
Moved the bed in today and the rails are junk.
Tomorrow I look for a metal frame
and try to rig that up.

I did find curtains at Goodwill today for $3,
hoping that those go up easy.
I am ready to decorate!
Now if only everything else would cooperate!
I got the BEST free thing ever!
More on that later!


Friday, June 30, 2017

Caution Label

So, this happened at my house last night. 
(and no this is not my house in the picture)
JWS has to have a food processor,
because he needs to make hummus. 
I have not opened my Amazon statement for the month, 
but the signs are all there. 
It arrived on the front porch in an Amazon box
and days before he had asked for my Amazon password. 
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. 

go figure, 
it came out of the box and we just happened to have
the makings of hummus
in the pantry. 

So he makes hummus 
he is happy. 

Jumping forward a few hours, 
we are dozing in our chairs 
and I decide to go to bed. 
Since it is summer and I can't stand air conditioning
(or snoring, but that has nothing to do with summer)
I have a summer bedroom,
open windows, curtains blowing in the breeze, 
a nice ceiling fan, 
So, I am snuggled all down in 
reading on my kindle 
the riveting account of how someone installed
plywood flooring in their van
when I hear him. 
"I got cut...bad."
So I get up,
weighing the possibility of an ER Trip, 
yet knowing his tendency to overreact. 
I say that we have to take the paper towel off, 
he says he can't, 
that it is bleeding too much. 
I observe the single paper towel that is wrapped around 
his finger. 
I can't see any pulsing blood, 
it is not dripping,
it is not even red. 
We are good.
He opens the towel 
yes there is a cut. 

A cut worthy of dragging your almost
sleeping wife out of bed?
I don't think so. 

He says 
"What are we going to do?"
I explain that I don't have any band aids here
I have some gauze and we will put a piece 
on it and tape it. 
(way overkill for this injury, but thinking it will make him feel validated)
I say, 
"I have a pack of waterproof band-aids at camp 
I will get them in the morning."
(It is now 11:15 PM)
he says,
"I need a band-aid now"
So I walk to camp 
and get a band-aid
come back and put it on. 

So, now he is upset, 
How will he go to work?
How can he cook ?
How can he do anything with this cut? 

Ok, so I am not the 
Queen of Compassion. 
I get that.
I look at him. 
I say, 
"Do I have to remind you that I had
second degree burns on 
25% of my hands 
on Tuesday of the Fair 
last August and 
ran a kitchen for 15 hours a day for the rest of the week?"
And I went back to my 
van flooring tutorial. 

This morning 
JWS informed my that I am no longer permitted 
as his
next of kin
on anything medical
I am not to be within 
100 feet of any medical procedure he is having. 

Fine with me! 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

She Needs A Name.

OK, so I bought this
from these pics.
I didn't go and look first,
just bought.  
To be fair,
JWS encouraged me.
The man who can see no potential in
junk furniture,
was excited.
I tried to harness his enthusiasm,
and for awhile I did,
but it waned as soon as I got in it to drive it home.
What was I thinking?

I mean, the back of my shop t-shirts say
For the Love of Junk.
Reuse - Repurpose - Reimagine
I was not feeling the love here.

I like all the retro look.
I like the low mileage,
I even like the old shape of it.

But this? 
I did not like.
So I ripped and tore and scraped
and hurt my knees
choked from the cleaner
scraped some more.
Then I scrubbed
we patched
and painted.
John is using phrases like
listen to that motor purr
we are going to "trick this out"
His TV watching fluctuates
Gas Monkeys
Carnival Eats.
At least this is not fattening.
So, it is looking better
I am formulating plans of
"Tricking it out"
after JWS suggests that I go
Pee Interest
and look for ideas.

For now,
this is my solution
for some of the issues.
Bluetooth speaker
battery diffuser
spewing peppermint oil
to rid the smell.

Now on to the fun stuff,
'cause you know there has to be a serious hiccup
in there somewhere.

When we went to get the van,
I met a vendor there and picked up some of her stuff
to take to my shop.
Loaded it in the back of the pick-up
with the intentions of moving it to the van.
We never moved it
and I took the truck to Smicksburg yesterday
to unload it.
That is when I
backed into the handrail of the porch
with the truck and
did quite a bit of damage to the truck.
I am sick.
I think that I will just take care of everything
take it to the body shop
before I tell him.
That is when the tailgate falls off
I have to call JWS to tell him what I did.
To his credit,
he laughs.
I am still not seeing the humor in all this.
So the estimate is for a new tailgate, bumper and fender.
I am wondering how I did all that damage
when he informs me that he backed it into
a friends mailbox a few months
ago and did part of that.

He then assures me that he didn't pick me
for my
driving skills.
Apparently his are somewhat the same.

The most of the rest of the day
was filled with more
than you can imagine.
I have the bruises to prove it.
In my haste to get ready to pick up my car
get to Kendall's game
picked up my hairbrush
a pair of manicure scissors
that were resting on it,
flew up and hit me in the forehead.

Thank goodness it wasn't an inch lower
and in my eye! 
It always could be worse.

Good news of the day....
My car is running very well.
After six months of the brakes being stuck, it now has power again!

Well, off to
Pee Interest
to get some ideas for the van!
to think of a name.