Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last Class

Last  night was my last charcoal class.
Although it was only four weeks, I learned so much.
Joining the local art association has been great.
It has made me aware of so many new avenues.

Doesn't that one pencil look crooked? 
I just noticed that.
Oh well, it's not as if I had a ruler.
Gives credit to that statement,
"I can't even draw a straight line."

Next class, starts Monday.
Not exactly a class, it is open studio nights in April.
Still lifes.
Can't wait!

And Paint.
I cleaned these shelves the other night.

For me, anyway.

Recently, I became a Helping Artist for Decoart.
They are very generous with products for you to try.
My head is spinning with possibilities for projects.
If only I didn't have to go to work...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How time flies.

Where are the weeks going?
Spring must be here.
Time starts spinning out of control
The winter break must be over.
I had a deadline to meet, more on that for another time.
I made it, but I seriously underestimated the work required to meet it.
Enough of that though.

This material behind these flowers just shouted at to me as I slid through a quilt store a few weeks ago.
I used sealer to adhere it to the painted surface and then painted on top of it.
It still needs varnished. 
That should smooth out the surface.

A few gingers that have been waiting for attention since last fall.

And more owls.

A couple of more paintings.

And some more sketches from my charcoal class.
I only have one more class.
I am going to miss them!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things That I Found

The girls and I cleaned out the attic of our old house.
Yesterday, I finally went through everything, cleaned and repacked it all.
Some favorite things.
Two Nancy Drew books.
One is going off to a friend that collects them.

And my Bobbsey twin books.
They will join others that I have found at yard sales on the  bookshelves.

And these cute little bunnies that I made in ceramics years ago.
Several other ceramic items were found also.
Shawnee, the decorating and fashion police of our family,
was a little dismayed that I would put these out.

Ceramic eggs.
Shelby loved these when she was little and I used them to potty train her.
She was allowed to play with them if she used the potty.
I think she needs them for Kendall.

A couple of table runners that my Mom made for me.

And my favorite book from when I was little.
Well worn, but glad that I have kept it.

A wool blanket that I pieced years ago.
I was using wool, when wool wasn't cool!

My grandmother's tea set.
Not all of the pieces have survived. 
It is so delicate.

Can you see the lady in the bottom of the cup?
It is repacked, a little safer.
Wish I knew what to do with it.
With five grandchildren under the age of five,
let's just say it is not going to be displayed any place safe in my house.

Some Christmas decorations that I painted,
dated 1996.
How do you like that wire across my floor.
We'll leave that explanation for another day, another post.

It was fun digging through stuff, long forgotten.
There were tons of Golden books, tons of Dr. Suess books, papers from years of school work of the girls.
There was china and dishes
and lots of junk.

What a good feeling to have that done!

Friday, March 18, 2011

One whole long, crazy week.

No pics...just words.

Monday started CRAZY....and continued.
In my words of the week.
Kendall, really do you have to put your finger that far up your nose?

Please everyone leave me alone while I place this shirt order.  
Yes, JWS, I know the shirt order is all wrong, refer to yesterday's comment.
Please leave me alone while I place the revised shirt order.
Yes, boys you can come to Grandma's after work and make cookies.
Boys, those big black ants that Grandma's kitchen is infested with are not pets.  We kill them, not let them walk all over us and tickle us.
I know that your Mom tells you nothing is "killed" or "dead" but I do not think that applies to big, black ants in Grandma's kitchen.
Boys, that is grandma's charcoal and yes you can draw with it a little bit.
Boys, I am going next door to get your pajamas.  You can bathe here, Mommy does not need to see you that dirty from charcoal.
Tyler, did you get a pawprint today?  Ok then you can use the computer today....and thank goodness because you are going to be here at work all day.
TYLER!!!!  Turn off that game, that is not a nice game!!!
Tyler, get your finger out of your nose!
Why, of course Shelby, we can clean out the attic tonight, I would like a free Saturday also.  Never mind that I am fifty two and tired at the end of a work day.
Kendall, really do you have to put that finger that far up your nose? 
Gracelyn, these were your Mommy and Aunt Shelby's books when they were little.  Look your Mommy liked Belle also.
Girls, let's just go to the restaurant to eat.
Girls, here is the money, I am taking these two outside to when you are finished, bring me the leftovers and leave a tip.
Kendall, do not run into the street!
JWS, please don't talk to me, I am too tired to think.
Logan, if you jump in that mud puddle you are not going to the Bent and Dent with me! 
Who put the lime green gum on Grandma's floor mat?
Boys, you are not behaving well in this store and if you don't shape up, I am going to leave you here and take these little, quiet Amish boys home with me instead.

Inspiration from a friend.

My friend, Lesley over at
does these great ATC's.
One morning, while perusing blogs, (which I don't seem to have enough time to do lately)
I saw the ATC in her blog and got inspired.
Not a bird lover myself,
I changed it up a little.
Mardi Gras,
New Orleans.
That was the theme.
And an order finally finished.
Why do I procrastinate so much?

And a couple of more owls.

And before you think...
Cathy, you get so much done?
Where do you find the time?
Don't bronze my craft supplies yet.
This is what my family room looks like right now.
You see, eight years ago, I sold my house to my step-daughter and son-in-law.
I married JWS
and less than a month later,
Jenn and Chris got engaged.
That fall they bought my old house.
They remodeled,
time slipped past and
I never got the attic cleaned out. 
She didn't need it,
I put it off.
they have moved next door to us.
they think that they have their old house (my old house)

Last night, the girls and I cleaned it out.
Tons of stuff went to the dumpster,
That will keep the TV cameras away.
I can throw things out!
The rest needs sorted.
Pics of the "memories" coming soon.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy Train

That is the ring tone that JWS has for me
When going through the thousands of ring tones available.
Romantic ones,
Fun ones,
What does he pick?
Crazy Train.
He thinks it best describes life with me.
He might be right.

Take this morning.
I think that I need to get back to some normalcy,
Sleeping regular hours,
Waking regular hours.
My internal clock is off.
Way off.
My throat is sore,
sure sign that I need to get regular sleep.
Last night, I set the alarm on my smart phone.
This morning, it goes off.
5:00 AM
If you only knew.  (That's the song)
Really loud.
I fumble.
It will not go off.
I finally grab the phone and head to the bathroom and shut the door in an effort to dull the sound.
Still really loud. 
The alarm is showing OFF.
Still playing.
Not the whole song mind you.
The opening of the song over and over.
I try to put it under the rug.
The volume will not turn down, because it is not even showing it on.
Still loud!
I finally turn the alarm back ON and turn the volume down and as I do, my phone rings.
This might not sound strange to you, but
It is 5:13 and it is my very pregnant, but really not pregnant enough for labor daughter and we don't even have cell phone service.
Am I dreaming? 
I answer the phone. 
Gracelyn is sick.
Shawnee is to keep Kendall today, 
Can I keep Kendall?  
The phone cuts out. 
Of course. 
I try to text her. 
Won't go through. 
throw in a load of clothes, 
make the coffee, 
wood on the fire. 
I call her back. 
She never heard me say I would watch Kendall. 
It is Monday morning and not 6:00 yet, 
Crazy Train? 
I think he nailed it!  

Creative things?
Not a lot of time for that this weekend,
I am taking a charcoal class and really enjoying doodling and sketching.
Because the charcoal is so dirty,
I bought some drawing pencils.
I can sit in my recliner and use those.
I have so many things that NEED done,

But this is so much fun!
Not really making sense,
Not really profitable.
But fun.
Also maybe enforcing that Crazy Train thing, just a little more.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Owls and Aspire

A few more owls.
These are so much fun to make!
And a painting. 
Pay no attention to the lint on the floor.
This is in my laundry room in the basement.

Today I am off to Ohio for a luncheon at my Mom's church.
A visit with my cousin.
I don't see her often enough.

A visit to Pat Catan's.
Who knows where we might stop.
But right now....

"Sittin' here bloggin' waiting for my underwear to dry.."

Hey, that could be a song.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gym, Junque shopping and The Princess

Today was my day again to drive to dialysis.
For those of  you that were confused on a previous post.
my MIL in on dialysis, not me.  
We recently set up a schedule to drive her there.
So far it is working out great.
So, as I am considering my driving day a day off,
here is what I did with my day.
I went to the gym.
That was not pretty,
it had been awhile since I was there.
I can tell already that it is going to be worse tomorrow.

I hit the jackpot.
I had seen this shop several times but had either been in a hurry,
it was after hours when I went by.
Since I had time to kill today,
this was my first stop after the gym.

Is all I can say.
They have so much stuff jammed in this place.
It is called B and R Depot and is on Route 66 just north of Kittanning.
B and R as I thought about it later is for Barbara and Ron.
They were so friendly and interesting to talk to.
Ron even loaded this end table that I bought into the back of the car for me!
If you are out that way you need to stop.
Vintage clothing,
Vintage sewing supplies,
Tons of yard goods,
Zillions of dishes and bric a brac,
I know that there was a lot I didn't see.
They even had produce! 
I bought a bag of oranges
a bag of potatoes.
Barbara is in the doorway,

And Ron is changing the sign.
See that great cooker that he built!

More on what I bought below.

This was my next stop...
On Market in Kittanning,
I have been there many times but always like to go and poke through there.
There never seems to be any heat, so if you go, dress warm!

This is the end table that I bought at B and R.

Can you believe it? 
I think that I am going to paint it black and distress it.
And six yards of pillow ticking
$2 per yard
a chenille bedspread
I just wish that I knew who just told me that they are looking for those because there were more.

If it is any of you, let me know and I'll race right back there and get another for you.
Oh and zippers.
Ten cents each.
There were tons.
I should have bought more.

Gracelyn and Shawnee met me at On Market to shop for a little bit.
Gracelyn loves all the old clothes in there.
She told her mom that she could wear the one dress
and ride in a carriage.
Such a princess!
We tried on hats.
they are probably not clean,
She just looks so darn cute in them.

And to think that I missed three more junque shops....I can't wait for my next driving day!
How fun is this?

I even took some owls to cut out and while I waited at dialysis,
I got quite a few cut out.

I may sell some of them as kits. 
Anyone interested?
No pattern,
the design is not mine,
but I love to match the fabrics up and cut them out.

Goo Gone as Shampoo

Do not try this at home.

Sunday night, JWS and I went to the neighbors' house to watch the boys.
For those of you that don't know,
about two weeks ago, my step-daughter and son-in-law moved in next door
with two of the cutest little boys in the world.
Bernie the dog.
The house that we bought last fall,
was finally ready to move in to. 
At some point I will blog that process,
but not today.

I sit down on the floor and Logan plops into my lap.
(Don't you just love that?)
Well, immediately this horrible chemical smell hits me.
"Logan, what in the world do you have in your hair?"
He gets embarrassed and now everyone is smelling his hair and he snuggles closer to get away from them.
After Mom and Dad leave and Tyler quits sniffing,
I quietly tell him,
"Logan, please show me what you put in your hair,
Grandma is not going to yell,
I just want to know."
He takes my hand,
leads me to the hall closet,
stoops down,
reaches around the corner on the floor,
and pulls out the tiniest bottle of Goo Gone.
Not new Goo Gone,
Funny color, smelly Goo Gone that had to be left from the last resident Goo Gone.

I remember seeing it in the house when we were cleaning up and remodeling,
who knows where it was hiding? 
Well, Logan does.
Immediately, I tell him that he has to get a shower. 
He insists that his Mom washes his hair in the kitchen sink.
I clear the counter,
I lay him on the counter and proceed to wash his hair as if I am a beautician.
He smiles, he loves it.
Mom does NOT wash his hair in the kitchen sink,
has not ever.
Apparently he must have seen Nana at the beauty shop last week and thought it looked fun.
In retrospect, it was probably a good idea, Goo Gone running over his little face in the shower
would not have been a good thing.

Tuesday night was my first charcoal class of four.
I love it! 
I have not worked in charcoal since high school and that might have been a few years ago.
Thirty-five or so, but who is counting.

The teacher is trying to free our minds. 
I'll show my mind freeing creations in another post, another day.

Still sewing carrots.
I wanted to get more of these to tuck into the giveaways, but did not get done what I wanted to,
the giveaways are ready to be mailed today.
Without all the extra carrots that I wanted to tuck in.

And of course, another new project.

I found this magazine while cleaning out my end table and immediately knew that I had to make some of these owls.

I didn't use the pattern in the magazine so mine are a little skinnier.
I love them.
I am off to cut out another 40 or so,
ten of which I probably will actually get done,
I sure do like to cut things out!
June 2009,
in case you are looking for the magazine.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

And the winners are (a day late)

Ok, so I missed my own deadline giveaway.
Yesterday was another hectic day.
Birthday party.
It was 1:00 this morning when I fell into bed.
That is when I remembered that I was supposed to have a giveaway drawing.
here we are this morning.
I tallied the numbers.
As you can see, there were 155 actual entries,

 And the winner of the first giveaway.

Number 46. Sandi at The Primitive Skate
Sandi is a new blogger, run on over and check her out. 
And the second winner is

Thanks so much to everyone for entering.

I hope to get around to checking out all the "new" blogs soon!