Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm calling TLC

Really, can the days get any more bizarre.  I have threatened to call them many days.  I have watched the reality shows.  Truthfully...we are living one.  Self employed, small town characters, crazy family life, cute babies, near disasters, remodeling, throw in a little bit of art that I do and even some heated moments that would rival the best of them....we have it all.. 

Yesterday would have supplied wonderful trailers, those little teasers that you see fifteen times that make you want to watch and see what happens.  Tune in at 9 and see why Jennifer is rolling across the bank lawn in town.  Camera pans to Jennifer rolling out of the bank.  Sound funny?  Well it wasn't at the time. 

Because we (I) miscounted an order and had to reorder shirts quickly and because John had to drive his mom to dialysis and because I had Kendall for the day and she doesn't always want to stay with someone else, I sent Jennifer to meet the UPS man for earlier delivery in the next town.  By the way, the UPS man would make a good character in the show.  One of those characters that only shows up here and there and usually late whistling the theme song from Mayberry RFD, but I just went off the story. 

Jennifer goes to meet the UPS and there is a Money Order COD so she stops at the bank on her way back to get the cash for it with the next stop being the post office.  She enters the bank, gets the cash, is talking to the teller when the masked woman enters the bank and pulls a gun.  Really.  We live in a small town, oblivious to crime for the most part and at first she thought it was a Halloween prank until she sees the gun.  She runs, diving or  tripping out the door as the woman yells for her to stop and points the gun at her head.   She gets in her vehicle, drives to the shop, we call  911 and there just happens to be a state police in town, a rare occurrence and they manage to get the woman. 
The day continues to spin out of control from there.  Phone calls, statements to the police, more phone calls, Logan does not understand why he has not been allowed to go to the bank for his green lollipop that is a daily occurrence.  You see, had the chain of events not happened the day before, that is the time that I would have been in the bank with Logan and Kendall. 
Spin, spin, spin....
The reality really did not set in with what happened until about 2:00 am this morning and I have pretty much been awake since then. 

Would the TLC cameras want to see that? 
Kate and her eight and the Tuetal's have nothing on us. 

On to other news:
We will be expecting grandchild #6 in May.  Shawnee is expecting her second, we are still awaiting Baby Wyatt.  He should make his arrival at any time now. 
Wait, maybe we could do Baby Story? 

The house next door is still progressing. 
Renovation Realities

I am still crafting.
Knitty Gritty, Uncommon Threads, and any other painting or sewing show out there.

But what I am really wishing for is....
Cash in the Attic!

Have to show you this package that came to me about a week ago.

Cath at Cath's Pennies Designs sent this bundle of wool to me.  I was so excited!  I am still thinking of what to make with it.  If you haven't seen her patterns, go look at them.  I bought the sugar cookie one and showed it to a friend that has a quilt shop and she bought patterns from Cathy for her shop.  This was a thank-you, not necessary, but greatly appreciated!

Here's to hoping that today is much calmer!  Or if not could TLC at least show up, film it and pay us something!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What you don't ask for.

Did you ever get money that you didn't ask for?  Payment for a job that you didn't want paid for?
Well I did this weekend.  I enjoyed the job that I did, enjoyed the time spent with an old friend, catching up and talking, and then...I got paid. 
What to do with that money? 
I bought yarn!
Not yarn for myself, but yarn to make hats and scarves to donate.
Last year, I had lots of them made, I sent them to several places. 

This year, I have done nothing. 
Since I need some rest anyway, the next few weeks of evenings will be spent in the recliner...
Well that and whatever else needs done in the 90,000 projects that jump up around here.

The other thing that I didn't ask for...
Last night was the annual Stockholder's Meeting for our local fair.  John was running for manager of that fair.  I was willing to help, but really didn't need a job.  Now I am the Librarian.  I didn't even know what the Librarian did.  I guess I take pictures and make a scrapbook of the fair.  Sounds easy enough. 
Any volunteers to run a screenprinting shop for the week of the fair? 
Job swap, vacation in the country, all expense paid week at the B & B?  Any takers? 
Just so you know, it is not a REAL B & B...just my house! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Open house 2010

This was the night before.  There was actually no other place to sit in the chaos of set-up.  They had been working on the house next door and mistakenly thought that there was room for them here.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures on Friday right before customers started coming, so all these pics are from Saturday AM and we had sold quite a bit by then.

I am not sure that Jenn understands my camera any better than I do.  Some of these pics are pretty fuzzy!

And another year is done!
Now on to the clean-up.  This morning I tackle the sewing room.  I am going armed with a garbage bag and the vacuum for starters.  I am thinking a scoop shovel would work better!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Neighbor helping neighbor.

This little shed was built by the mission team at a local church.  It is on our neighbor's property.  She is an older woman that only had a barn that was falling down and had nowhere to store anything for the yard or garden.  It was so nice to see neighbors helping neighbors and what a testimony to the community.

 And then tonight....
The local fire company showed up to burn the old barn.

And John worked right through the confusion.  He said it kept him warm and acted as a light to work by!

The little house next door is about 1/2 sided.  Work is progressing.

I have been working on getting ready for my Open House this weekend.  It is keeping me very busy! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

And some more pics

To be fair, many of these have been sitting on the work table..and the freezer....and the floor in the basement, just needing a little finishing.

Tried a different lining inside of this.

And a little bit of TV work.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just pics

No time for words this morning!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The cutest penny rug item EVER!

That is what arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  Cathy at Cath's Pennies (so glad that I finally figured out how to make that a link) had these ornaments and penny rug on her blog and I just happened to drop in there.  Blog reading is not UP for me right now, it is hit or miss, but anyway there they were and they are just the cutest things I have seen EVER!  I ordered this Wednesday AM and it arrived yesterday (Thursday 2:00).  You sure can't beat that service!
We are having a ladies camp weekend this weekend at a friend's camp and I am taking this (among half of everything else in my sewing room) with me to work on. 

If anyone is following the progress of the Ever Evolving Fireplace.  Finally, last night everything came together and the fireplace insert is in place and when I came home from my meeting at the church, there was some nice toasty air in the room.  Whew!  Just in time for the 70 degree, sunny weekend that we are going to have!

Not sure what those colorful pink and green things are in the fireplace openings, they aren't there actually.

And speaking of things that are or are not there. 
How about this picture? 

Notice the halo on the one child's head?
Notice how the other one did not have a halo yesterday?
Well, here's the thing.  To be fair,
I worked with him.
I provided the left handed tools.
I encouraged the activity.
I told everyone that he needed to learn.
I created this monster.

I am just really glad that this is all the damage I incurred from his obsession with scissors!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flying paintbrushes ll

I would take a picture of those flying paintbrushes, but I think that my camera might not do that stop action sport thing.  Otherwise, the photo would just be a big blur. 
 Nothing like a little last minute pressure to make me paint faster!
 And Baby Wyatt's room is ready for furniture and decorations and a BABY!

 Love this little teapot when I found it...if I didn't already have so much "stuff" I would probably keep this!
And another canister with sheets from an old hymnal.
Hope that those paintbrushes enjoyed this little rest and are refueled and ready to go! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to painting.

The shower is over, the baby's room is done (no pics yet, I forgot my camera)
And I am back to painting frantically to get ready for the Open House.
And crafting.  These started out as a sewing project when I realized that they were a much easier GLUING project.  Very quick and easy and I already had the squares of fabric cut.

And doesn't this just look like a scene from a sci-fi movie.  Aliens invading the fireplace. The process has begun for the fireplace insert that we bought a month ago.  It has been sitting on our porch.  Reasons why it needs in?
1.  It is getting cold and we need it.
2. It is sitting on the front porch..and
3.  It is sitting on the front porch.

And off to the gym for the second morning of torture.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shower gifts

Gifts for Baby Wyatt.  Awhile back, I had painted another one of these rocking horses for a friend of my Mom and Dad's that had just had a baby boy.  I put it in my mind then that in the event that we get another baby boy, I was going to have to make him one of these.  And these are the rest of the items. 
Now to get the nursery painting finished. 

John had not been going to the gym all summer.  He had not gained weight.  On the other hand, I had not been running because of an ankle injury on one foot and an issue with my heel on the other foot.  Yesterday we were up at five and off to the gym together.  My first experience in a real gym and I really liked it, however this morning simple tasks are a little more difficult.  Simple tasks like standing, sitting, walking and picking up my coffee cup.  But tonight, when I hit the recliner to watch The Biggest Loser, I am going to be so glad that I went.  I might hurt too bad to get out of the recliner and go to bed, but I will be glad I went.  Should I write that 100 times to convince myself?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A trip to Pittsburgh

And the laugh of the day.  Yesterday, Jenn and I went to the Strip District in Pittsburgh to buy the paper products for Dianna's baby shower which is today.  Procrastination and last minute issues aside (I didn't finish the one gift until last night)  We took the boys for their first trip to the Strip.  They loved it.  Everything is different when seen through the eyes of kids.  These two had to have their picture taken with the bear outside of Wholey's Fish Market.  The train inside was one of their favorite things.  They were not sure about the live lobster tank though.  But the laugh of the day for me was when Tyler ran up to a big picture of President Obama and pointed to it.  I thought to myself, Wow, one month of kindergarten and I am going to get some wisdom about the Commander in Chief, the Leader of the Free World, a government lesson from a five year old....I say, "Tyler, do you know who that is?"

Tyler's answer....
"Tiger Woods!"