McDonald's Salt Packets and the Shelby Tree

The blonde one in the middle with the brown sweater used to come to our house
after school. 
Somewhere along the line, I think possibly prompted by JWS, 
she hid salt packets all over my house,
and I mean all over. 
It’s been two years and I am still finding them.
They sightings are getting farther and farther apart
and unless she reads this, 
she is not going to know how much 
I have enjoyed finding them!
These four, 
always fun. 
Thrown together as sisters, 
20 years ago, 
ups and downs, 
they are still there for one another. 
That brings us to the Shelby Tree.
This little tree that stays decorated 
and has stayed decorated for many years,
through many moves 
to many houses, 
has always had Shelby’s preschool picture on it.
We have always called it 
The Shelby Tree. 
It is always a source of conversatiom
as to why 
has a tree. 
Every year on Thanksgiving, 
sometime during the festivities, 
things happen to my trees.
This year, this happened. 
Shelby is now on a lot of our trees. 
18 years of school teacher pictures are appearing.
These are a few, 
I don’t think it is over yet. 
Speaking of Shelby, 
she normally makes the pies for Thanksgiving. 
Imagine my surprise  when last night, 
for our Thanksgiving, 
without warning, 
we had no pies. 
So this morning, 
I decided we had to have pies. 
we had no pumpkin! 
No problem here. 
I recycled the leftover 
sweet potatoes. 
Dont ask my for a recipe. 
I don’t have one. 
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Half an Half
Some Sugar 
and whien they were too sweet...
JWS suggested mashed potatoes. 


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